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    The Weekend

    “Right you two you can stop now,” Bette said, she was smiling as her wife and daughter laughed.

    “What we have more?” Angie said as she sat at the table., as her mother putting chicken pasta and salad in front of her.

    “No, please,” Bette shook her head.

    “You love it.” Tina said as she sat herself in her usual seat and looking at her wife and daughter.

    “I do but I don’t want the world to know I was a terrible cook.”

    “You’re not now Mom,” Angie said as she eat her dinner.

    “Only because we would have both died when mama wasn’t here.” Bette reached over and took her wife’s hand and kissed her fingers gently.

    “It did worry me,”

    “What we wouldn’t eat well?” Bette asked.

    “I was more worried about the amount of take out you’d both end up eating.” Tina admitted,

    “Jordie said you were in the LA times again today mom,” Angie said slowly

    “What about?”

    “Candice Jewel.” Angie said, a name that Bette never wanted her daughter to know.

    “She was a mistake many years ago,” Bette hung her head.

    “A mistake that I have forgiven you for.” Tina replied. “Somethings that will come out Angie will be hard to deal with, as we both know no one is perfect including your mom. She’s running for the highest office in the land and on November 3 our lives could change forever. If Mom is voted into the White House we will be in the public spot light. She will be the first openly gay president and there will be people who don’t like that and will try and drag up our pasts. We have just got to ride the storm.” Tina spoke softly.

    Angie smiled, before saying.

    “You forgave mom?”

    “I did, a long time ago. We had a rough time, for a little while but we worked it out. Well here we are eighteen years down the line we are still together.” Tina said. “Life is never simple and we have just enjoy it, I love your mom, I love you. I love our family and I am very proud that your mom is running for President.”

    Bette smiled.

    “I love you too,” Bette said softly.

    Angie looked at her mothers and smiled. She knew that her parents loved each other. She also knew they had been through a lot to stay together. When Jordie had shown her the article about her mother’s affair she had been scared. Scared that her parents weren’t strong but seeing them together she knew they were. She watched as her mom’s eat and laughed together. Happy that this is her family.


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    Bette Porter


    Lovely weekend with my wife @TPKennard_ and my daughter Angie. We start touring the country and Wednesday after we move Angie to college. Education is important to everyone we should all be given the building blocks to make a success of ourselves.



    Having a little alone time with my wife and daughter makes me understand more that family really does matter most. I love my family, not just my wife and child but my chosen family of very close friends who have stayed by our sides.

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    1. I remember a story with the same name. It’s when Tina left Bette, went to London for five years and returns to LA. Tina had slashed her wrists in attempted suicide. Anyway she catches up with Bette who delivered a daughter named Angelica. That’s the story as I remember it

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