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    The Woman

    Tina walked into the Planet and smiled, when she saw Bette, Xavier and the rest of the gang filling three tables near the back of the Planet. She walked over the counter and waited for her sister-in-law to be done,

    “Hey Tina how are you?”

    “I’m okay, just had a doctors appointment. B looks like she’s enjoying herself.” Tina smiled. Looking at over at her wife who was laughing.

    “They have been a little nosier than normal. She’s very relaxed.”

    “Being pregnant has brought out the hippy side of B,”

    “She’s very relaxed. How is the morning sickness?”

    “Still hitting her at night but not as bad, thank goodness.” Tina smiled as she eyed up the cakes, she knew her sugar levels needed a boast.

    “Fancy something?”

    “Other than your sister?” Tina smiled as she spoke and Kit could do nothing but shake her head.

    “Too far there,”

    “Erm I’d love a slice of Strawberry cheesecake please and a bottle of water.”

    “Sure go and join your wife,”

    Tina nodded and walked over to her wife, slipping her hand onto Bette’s shoulder. Bette tensed for a second but then looked up and smiled at her wife.

    “Hey baby,” Tina smiled as she kissed her wife’s lips.

    “Hey,” Bette grinned, “How was your appointment?”

    Tina sat down and took Xaiver from her wife and kissed his head,

    “Hey baby boy,” She kissed him again. “It went well, they are very happy with my levels and my blood work was clear so I’m all good for another two weeks.”

    “Good,” Bette smiled, the conversation around the table started up.

    The woman that Bette had seen a few weeks before walked over to the table,

    “Erm, Tina Kennard,” Tina looked around and her face was shocked. She didn’t know what to say, how to react. Her jaw dropped.


    “Oh you do remember me, you’ve walked passed so much I was starting to think you forgot people from your past.”


    Bette looked at her wife, saw her face turning paler than normal.


    “Erm,” She passed Xaiver to her wife, “Not here Michelle, please,”

    “Why? Because your posh ass friends don’t know you’re a fucking bitch.”

    “Hey, don’t speak to my wife that way,” Bette got up as spoke

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    1. Oh, good chapter…. Excellent in fact….

      Poor Michelle, didn’t stand a chance with the group all standing there. Tina stood her ground and the Alice and Kit came to her rescue. Obviously Michelle cannot read people very well. She did not notice the closeness Bette and Tina had. Tina did not walk up to the table and kiss everyone – just Bette and Xavier. That should have been a clue that there people were special…. She certain did not have a very good technique for convincing people to do what she wanted them to do. She failed in all respects.

      So Tina’s parents were steppin out on each other. Not a good way to live. Hopefully Tina will never have that experience in her own relationship. Bette pregnant…. kind an amazing thought.

      Thanks for the chapter… Write soon.

    2. I agree with all that Martha said. This is an excellent raise your fist and cheer chapter. Tina has quite a support system and Alice has redeemed herself. With this remarkable group of women, Kit, Xavier happy and healthy, and another baby on the way, they are one solid family unit to be sure. I’m glad Bette has Kit and her friends. I have always believed Bette would be very zen when pregnant. This is her dream come true. She needs Kit and Shane and Dana and even Alice. And everyone is happy for them. And of course Bette has Tina and Tina has Bette. And everyone supports Tina. Knowledge is power to be sure. The group understands about Tina’s panic attacks. Shane bringing the water is symbolic of their collective kinship and doing what is necessary to be present for Tina. This is very very very good! Step off Michelle. Well done!

    3. Good chapter – glad that Tina was able to quickly recover from her panic attack – she’s made so much progress – good for her & her family.

      Michelle – get lost bitch!!! Hope she won’t get any money from Tina – they can put a restraining order out for her.

      It’s unfortunate that Tina’s parents did what they did, but people do all types of things when their love dies for the other.

      Hope Bette’s pregnancy goes well & the morning sickness disappears soon.

      Looking forward to what comes next.


    4. Wonderful Chapter. Loved that Alice stood up for her friends, loved that Tina did not run and that Bette hung in there. It is all coming together, UK. Well done….

    5. Hey UKendeavour,

      How is it possible i missed this update

      So glad you posted again!

      Way to go Alice, standing up for Tina, very good! Maybe in time i will like her but she still has to prove more she will be a trustworthy friend to both Bette and Tina in the future.

      Love and agree with the comments above!

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