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    The Word

    Bette pulled her car up to the kerb and looked across at Tina who was holding her coat shut. Bette smiled. She knew that Tina was very insecure about her body. She knew that men had been telling her for years that she wasn’t sexy, Bette had to change that mind set. Tonight was their first ever outing to a BDSM club. Bette had carefully chosen Tina’s outfit but she knew that Tina wasn’t happy about it.

    “You do know that you will need to remove your coat.”

    “I know, I know,” Tina was panicking a little. She was thinking of saying the safe word. She wasn’t sure. She was going to enjoy this. she hated that she was on display. “Red,” She whispered.

    Bette smiled.

    “Are you okay?”

    “I can’t do this,” Tina admitted.  “I’m not ready to walk into that club dressed like this. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She started to cry.

    Bette looked shocked. she hadn’t expected this reaction. Bette reached out and ran her fingers along Tina’s soft cheek.

    “Please don’t cry,” Bette said her voice was soft. It broke her heart to see Tina so broken. “Lets go home,”

    “Are you sure?”

    “The club will be here for another night, tonight you’ve said ‘Red’ we stop. We go home, I’ll make you a nice cup of tea, and we can talk.”

    “Thank you,” Tina whispered. Bette simply smiled and before starting the car again and driving them home.

    On arrival the house, Tina walked into the living room, her body shaking. she couldn’t believe she had backed out. what had shocked her the most was Bette had simply turned around. Bette closed the front door and turned the lights on.

    “Bette.” Tina’s voice as weak, she had silently cried most of the way home. “I feel like I’ve ruined everything,”

    Bette dropped her purse, removed her blazer, dropping it onto the sofa and took Tina in her arms, running her fingers through her hair.

    “You haven’t ruined anything. I mean it. you’re a remarkable woman. I shouldn’t have pushed you so far so soon I’m sorry.”

    “The outfit, I feel…” Tina stopped.

    “Talk to me Tina, remember what I said about communication.”

    “I feel exposed.”

    “You’re supposed too,”

    “I’m not pretty enough,”

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    1. Bette is sincere in her response to Tina. She did not force her to go into the club. She could have humiliated her by demanding that they go inside. It appears that she will guide Tina wisely, Ultimate trust between these partners is what will make it work. Very interesting story. Keep posting. Happy New Year!

    2. Sorry…. this story is scary to me. Give’s me the willies. And all these wonderful choices Bette is giving her? They are not exactly informed choices. This is Tina’s first lesbian experiences. Its not like she can call upon her vast experiences to make a choice as to what she likes or not. And the fact that she believes herself not to be attractive makes her a perfect subservient partner for a dominatrix. In Tina’s case, she is not going to be happy exposing her body to unknown people. I doubt she would appear in a swimsuit at a pool party.

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