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    The Worst Day

    Bette ran into the hospital, she had called Alice who had gone to sit with Angie and then had finally made it across the city to get to the hospital, which was an exclusive private hospital. She made her way to the forth floor but she couldn’t remember the room number that Tina was in, in all the panic she’d only heard half the message. She went to the nurses station.


    The nurse looked up

    “Hi, may I help you?” It was nearly 5am they didn’t usually get visitors at this time.

    “My name is Bette Porter, I was called for Tina Kennard,”

    “Agh yes, I’m Nurse Jackson,”

    “Hi, sorry, I forgot which room number you gave me,”

    “It’s okay follow me,”

    Bette followed the nurse into a corner room, where Tina was. Bette went to her at once, taking her hand, noticing at once that Tina had IV lines in both hands. Tina looked worse than when Bette had left. she hadn’t wanted to leave but Tina had insisted that she had to take Angie home because Angie had school in the morning. Tina reached up and gently pushed Tina’s hair out of her face, before she moved forward and gently placed her lips onto Tina’s forehead,

    “B…” Tina whispered.

    “Hey there,”

    “You came,”

    “Of Course I came,”


    “Is with Alice don’t worry. What happened?”

    “I woke up felt sick, vomited, blood…the doctor has said I need more surgery.”  Tina was out of breath speaking.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Cancer,” Tina whispered, tears in her eyes. “It’s back, in my chest wall. I’m giving you an out,”

    “An out?” Bette looked confused as she looked at Tina.

    “I’m going to get very sick…I don’t want…you to feel…like you have to stay…”

    “What are you talking about?” Bette was confused.

    “I’m…sick…” Tina was drugged as well as having problems breathing. “I don’t want…you to feel like you have….to be here with me…”

    “I love you,”

    “I love you…but…”

    “I’ve just got you back, after seventeen fucking years. I’ve no intention of walking away now. I love you so much. you’re everything to me and I’m going to be here every step of the way. Angie and I are going to get you through this. You’re not going through this alone again.”

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    1. Thanks for the chapter…. hate it that Tina is sooo sick. Relationships are not easy, but when you add a life threating illness, your priorities get shifted somewhat…. Hang in there Tina, Bette is with you now and she will not leave. Just get better…

      Appreciate your writing, Thank you.

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