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    The Worst Kind of Gossip

    Shane, Alice and Bette sat in the corner of the bar, drinking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

    “Where is your lovely wife this evening?” Shane asked.

    “You can’t fuck my wife,” Bette responded.

    “That’s not what I was asking,”

    “It’s what you were hinting,” Alice grinned.

    “You two are terrible.” Shane laughed. “Okay Bette, where is Tina this evening?”

    “She’s on her way. She has a late lecture today and sometimes it drags on longer because of student’s with questions.” Bette was very proud of her wife. she was loving her new profession.

    “You sound very proud of her,” Shane took a drink of her beer.

    “I am, I mean she wasn’t happy at the studio anymore and I want her to be happy and fulfilled.”

    “I bet she is,” Alice said under her breath,

    “What was that Alice?” Bette asked, picking up her wine glass.

    “Well she has to be fulfilled as you do, because frankly the talk around he clubs is making me laugh.”

    “Why? Surely I’m not still the gossip” Bette asked.

    “You are, C’mon Bette you have not been seen in the clubs for seven or eight weeks and you’ve been back from Paris two weeks. People are saying that Tina has changed you,” Alice said

    “She has for the better, I don’t need to go to a club to get my thrills now. I go home or to the condo,”

    “What condo?” Alice asked,

    “Shit,” Bette rubbed her head. “I bought a Condo,”

    “Erm, why?” Alice asked

    Shane shook her head.

    “We’ve decided that our we need a house for our relationship our marriage, and we need somewhere we can enjoy the lifestyle.”

    “You bought a fucking condo to fuck in?” Alice didn’t know how to react.

    “Yes,” Bette laughed. “That’s what I did.”

    “Only you Porter,”

    “I can see the logic,” Shane said.

    “What?” Alice replied, looking at the dark haired woman.

    “Well, Bette and Tina are married now, Tina isn’t a full time pet like some in the lifestyle and they want clear boards between their married life and they BDSM life.”

    “That’s what we want,” Bette replied.

    “Buying a Condo is a little much through isn’t it?” Alice looked around the table,

    “Al, if you could afford it you would do the same thing,” Shane said.

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    1. Bravo Tina 👏👏👏

      I just love to see how Tina grows as a confident woman, thanks to Bette.

      They both don’t are to be messed around with and i hope Sarah stays away for good.

      Alice, oh Alice, always a big mouth. She was never my favourite character.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. UK. With each chapter I am amazed at what people will do to achieve the almighty orgasm. However please do not stop writing about this topic cuz I want to be blown away with each chapter. You are awesome and courageous for delving into a subject that is taboo, most especially in the lesbian community. Green all the way👍🏻

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