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    The Yacht Life

    An hour has passed and everyone, except for Tina, have ventured back inside the Villa. They’re relaxing around the entertainment room still laughing and talking about old times.

    Alice: I’m serious, Lance still has a chance to make a comeback, damn it.

    Dana:(laughs) Lance Bass is like forty-five years old, Alice. I doubt if you’re gonna see the reunion you’re looking for.

    Alice: He’s not that old, jackass and you never know. How dare you burst the bride’s bubble on her weekend.

    Bette:(laughs) Yeah Dane, how dare you speak truth and reality.

    Alice smiles and nods.

    Alice: Yeah, thank you, Bette.

    Tasha laughs as she pecks Alice on the cheek.

    Tasha: Alright enough fluff…. back to the story let’s go.

    Bette: I was under the impression story time was over for the night.

    Carmen: Well you’re wrong. Now come on, let’s go.

    Alice: We can’t continue until Tina gets back inside. She’s on clean up duty after that sex show she and Bette put on. Viral Video? Remember?

    Shane:(smiles) Oh yeah

    Everybody smiles and starts to whistle and make kissing noises.

    Bette: Okay. Stop that, it was a dance. Why is everybody so damn stuck on this shit?

    Carmen: I don’t know. Looked like a bit more than just a dance to me.

    Bette looks over and smirks at Carmen.

    Bette: Mind your business.

    Carmen smiles and winks at Bette as she sips her beer.

    Dana: I think we may need to watch the video again and really dissect it.

    Everyone agrees and digs into their pockets for their cell phone.

    Bette leans over and punches Dana on the arm.

    Bette: Actually, I think we should get back to the subject of Lance Bass.

    Alice gasps and points to herself.

    Alice: Really? You wanna hear about the full page spread I’m planning on doing on Lance when I get back to work?

    Shane: Alice, you run a sports magazine? What the hell does Lance Bass have to do with sports?

    Alice points to herself.

    Alice: Ya said it right the first time. My magazine…do what the fuck I wanna. The issue will be about celebs and their favorite teams. I can just sneak in a few questions about his plans for a comeback.

    Alice smiles proudly as she leans back and crosses her legs.

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    1. More backstory and the Bette and Tina plot thickens. Thanks for another great updAte. Cant blame Carmen for wanting Shane and Bette, though I don’t think Bette wants sloppy seconds so Carmen might just get flirting and nothing more. I hope you post more soon……really really soon! When does Leigh arrive? How will that be for Tina / Bette?

    2. This is a wonderful update, I love the banter and the Tina-Bette secret connections and obvious attraction; I will like to read what happen when Leigh and Sam arrive, I want to know what happened in their story that made them move away from each other. Thank you so much for posting this great chapter and I hope, you’ll give us a new chapter soon. PPS

    3. Oh wow, 51 pages and still i am hungry for more.

      The now and Then is so good, the story how they all became friends in Senior year is funny to read.
      The banter between them and also the flirting between B&T and obviously attraction to each other still so present.

      I am still curious and hoping that you will tell us why they broke up and why Bette thinks they will never be together again. There is still so much love for each other and i think Sam is a fool when she gets there and doesn’t see it. Tina loves Sam, but isn’t in love with Sam.

      And Carmen is just a big flirt, but i don’t think Bette will go for her. As for Leigh, i think she is only a best friend to Bette and manager, but i believe that she was a treat back in B&T relationship, in Tina’s mind.

      Ok, enough rambling, thanks again for the great update!

    4. I agree, with everyone else; even after 51 pages, I still want more! It’s only a matter of time before those two wind up in bed together like Alice predicted. The sexual tension is undeniable. Poor Sam.

      And what the hell is Tonya up to? Seems like she’s just there for a free vacation if she’s got a side chick she’s planning on dumping Dana for.

      I’m curious if we’ll hear from Helena in the Now portion of the story. I know she won’t be at the wedding, but would love for an update on what she’s been up to as well. Thanks BEG!

    5. Geez you’re killing me but I do love a slow and you’re bringing it. Love how you have Bette and Tina in this story… By far my favorite story. Beautifuly writing love love love. .so much more please..thank you

    6. 51 pages and it’s still not enough…I love this story and definitely wanted more!
      The SEXUAL TENSION between Bette and Tina is just so crazy….it actually jumping off the page. When Tina got her into her bedroom I just knew their was going to be a back down memory lane…KISS or sumtin! I’m anxious to hear the REST OF THEIR STORY that’s for sure. You and da slow burn, great storytelling! :)

      So glad to see the Rat Pack get it dealt back to them! Bette was right they could be having so much fun in their Senior year with their classmates, if they would stop trying to control everybody and RUN things!

      I’m with Tasha when she told Carmen to chill on playing two best friends…Shane and Bette with all the flirting! Tina jealousy is already starting to show. Bette told Tasha that she would never go there with Tina again….NEVER SAY NEVER! Alice called it those two are so going to screw!

      Tonya annoying azz got a side chick! Can’t wait for Dana to drop kick her azz…Gurl Bye!

      Then: Love how Bette and Tina are forging a friendship and their is obvious attraction forming.

      Tina and Sam…Leigh and Bette, it’s gonna be trouble when they all get together.


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