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    The Grand Hotel

    The Presidential Suite

    4477 Broadway

    New York

    New York

    United States of America.


    Tina walked around the bathroom picking up her earrings she stood in front of the mirror, putting them into them on as she mumbled her speech. Tonight was important. Tonight she was formally starting her public campaign for office. She shook her head, trying to get the wording right in her head.

    Bette lent against the door frame taking in her wife, tonight Tina was wearing a long black dress, her blonde hair had been styled up and out of her face, her feet in heels. she looked stunning. Bette had always enjoyed her lovers style. However she could see the stress coming from Tina and she knew she had to calm down before they got to the event.

    “Ti,” Bette whispered her name,

    “B, I’m trying to remember my speech.”

    “You don’t have to remember it you’re allowed notes.” Bette replied

    Tina turned to her wife and smiled, her woman looked amazing, dressed black shirt with a long knee length black collarless jacket with matching dress pants and heels that made her look impossibly tall.

    “I know but I’m trying not to sound like I’m reading from a script. I want to sound as natural as I have done so far.” Tina wanted everything to be perfect.

    “You’re going to be amazing Ti, you’re going to kick off the road to the election well.  I believe in you. millions of American’s have voted for you to run against Michaels and they believe in you. You have got this. by the end of this year you will be preparing to become President.”

    “You sound very confident of that.” Tina put her hand to her neck and realised she hadn’t put on her necklace. She picked it up from the side of the skin and put it on, it was a necklace Bette had bought her early on in their relationship and it meant the world to her.

    “I believe in you Ti,” Bette said simply.

    “I don’t know if I can do this,” Tina said honestly. “I wasn’t supposed to run int his race. I only ran because they needed the numbers I wasn’t supposed to win Bette. this could change our lives completely.”

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    1. Amazing story!

      Great speech from Tina and i loved to read about her background!

      Bette is wonderful as supportive wife and will stand behind, next to Tina while going for President.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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