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    Ties That Bind—Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    Later that afternoon while waiting on Alice to show up at the Planet, Tina sat across from Bette in her office nodding at her slowly as she explained her plan

    “So what do you think?..I mean I had planned eventually to do this but after today I think it’s necessary so he can have some financial stability with a baby on the way..This will definitely force him to grow up” Bette asked as she always wanted Tina’s input when it came to decisions regarding the Planet even though it always ended with Tina saying ‘It’s up to you Babe with what you want to do. This is your show to run..I trust your judgment’ and never offered anything else.

    “It’s up to you Babe with what you want to do.  It’s your show to run…I trust your judgment” was all Tina said causing Bette to chuckle. “What’s so funny?” Tina asked not knowing what she had said to make her wife laugh

    “I love you so much Tee.  Do you know that?” Bette said still chuckling and leaned back in her chair

    Tina smiled and winked at her “Well…I do..But you could definitely show me how much later….Say… maybe.. after dessert?” she says flirtatiously

    Bette raised her right eyebrow “Actually…I would like to show you over dessert” she sits up and leans over her desk bringing herself closer to Tina “I have this recipe I’d like to try out on you if you would be my volunteer” she says in a low sultry voice

    Tina leans forward stopping her lips short of touching Bette’s  “Well….I’m always up for being a willing participant for anything you need to try out”

    “Well on that note I am going to put up the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and leave you two at it” the voice said coyly interrupting their ‘business’ discussion

    Bette and Tina turn to see Alice grinning at them like the Cheshire Cat

    “Hey Al!..We we’re just discussing a new recipe I wanted try” Bette replied as she and Tina pulled away from each other. She got up and walked over to Alice pulling her into a hug

    “Oh I definitely heard…I’m sure that will be one hell of a tasting session later” Alice chuckled as Bette pulled out of the hug

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    1. So Alice is now an actress on a sitcom! And working with Morgan, Angie’s fiance! On a network which Tina is the CEO! And Bette is about to have her own cooking show so she will be handing over the reins to the Planet to Hayden? Wow…this is a whole lot of connectivity among this group. This should be interesting…if there are any personal problems within their relationships, how do they keep it out of the workplace? And if there are workplace problems, how do you keep it out of your relationship? And there will be problems sooner or later and the last thing you need is a rerun of the Hatfields and the McCoys.

      This is a good story…. all the tightnit relationships are a bit surprising… Wondering where is is all going….

      Thanks for the chapter…write more when you can…

    2. My dear Pie there is no-one who writes Alice like you ! Your love for her shines through. I am so looking forward to joining you on the journey through this interconnected storyline which is as unique as you.. Still my favourite Pie!

      Stay well and safe my friend I get my vaccine jab next Thursday one advantage of being old here in the UK!

    3. Agree with the other comments. A lot of connectivity to be sure. Let’s hope everyone continues to get along. SG is right, you are writing a very good version of Alice. And it is sooooooooo nice to be reading about a truly happy and in sync Bette and Tina. I love that Tina totally supports Bette’s cooking ambition. Certainly reaps the rewards of her recipes. Can never get enough of that. And leave it to Bette to find the art in cooking. This is a very zen Bette and I love her. My favorite part of the chapter is the realization that the baby will share DNA from both Bette and Alice and “probably need therapy in the womb.” Truer words. Your story really makes me miss this entire gang as things used to be. And wish GQ had done something like this.

    4. Oh god, i needed a good laugh and you delivered it!!!

      Such a pleasure to read this!

      I agree with the other comments and like Billy i loved this part:

      “Our grandchild will have yours and Alice’s DNA mixed in there together somewhere. Can you just imagine what that child’s personality will be like?” Tina giggled

      “The child will probably ask for therapy inside the womb” Bette quipped as they both chuckled at the thought

      So hard to believe the child will have the genes of both Bette and Alice.

      Pie, this is a great story!

    5. “Therapy in the womb” great line, PIE! I can totally picture Bette having the passion for cooking – I did like the one scene in GQ where she making that meal (before Tina showed up and ruined it by telling Bette about the marriage).
      I can see her loving the play of colors and plating meals to make them pop. Looking forward to Alice cooking with her, this is an Alice that I enjoy reading about! Thanks

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