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    Time is a healer

    Present Day.


    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette sat behind the impressive oak desk, her glasses on the end of her nose, she hadn’t bothered to push them up as she was reading the amendments the Republicans were trying to tack onto her Free Health Care Bill. She was trying to use the UK model of paying a National Insurance that paid for healthcare that people could use and not have to choose between medical cover and food. she wanted the whole system to be fairer to the people.

    The door to the Oval office opened and her Personal Assistant James walked in, he was carrying a mug of coffee and a plate of assorted sandwiches.

    “Ma’am,” She looked up and smiled at him.

    The terrorist attack had changed how she treated people, she had a great respect for everyone in the West Wing as long as they respected her back. James had been with her since the start and he had seen the greatest change in her in the last eighteen months.

    James had watched her retreat privately. Her public face was as it always had been but behind closed doors she was quieter and a lot more reserved since Victoria’s death.

    “I’ve bought you some lunch,”

    “Thank you James, when is my next meeting?” She asked taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes. As James put the food onto the desk

    “You’ve got an appointment with Dr Tina Kennard in an hour,”

    “Sorry who?”

    “Dr Tina Kennard, she’s a PTSD specialist, she’s the best in fact.”

    “This has something to do with Kit doesn’t it?” She knew her sister was worried.

    “Yes, Kit made you the appointment after Dr Kennard was vetted. She believes you need to come to terms to everything that happened eighteen months ago,”

    “Twenty one months ago,” Bette muttered under her breath.

    James just nodded.

    “We just want you try it, you’ve thrown yourself into your work and the country and your rating is better than ever but you need to come fully to terms with what happened.”

    “Have you been taking lessons from Kit on how to talk to me?”

    “Yeah, she is concerned. We all are.”

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    1. Yes! By all means feel free to publish a big ‘ol helping of this story bc your readers have voracious appetites and burn calories real fast Chica! HeHeHe!!!

      We’ve been known to steal away into a corner and easily consume 10 or 15 pages in a single meal.

      MORE pages dear Lady so that we can really get into the story pleeze

    2. I am agreeing with the rest of my fellow readers. We are willing subjects not matter short of long. Poor Bette is in all sorts of pain. I hope she trusts Dr, Tina Kennard to help her settle. Please continue to post. Thank you!

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