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    Time is a healer

    “I’ve done amazing things for the country in the last eighteen months. I’ve shown the people that I’m a strong leader.”

    “Yet in private you have nightmares and you barely sleep,” James cocked his head to one side. He was one of a handful of people who could get away with speaking to her like this.

    “Okay, fine, I’m not seeing Dr Kennard down here, I will see her in the Residency.”

    “That’s fine as long as you see her. she’s here to help you know.”

    “Thank you James,” She said as she picked up a sandwich and started to eat. Her mind was racing. She knew that Kit, James, Shane, Alice, and the rest of the team just wanted what was best for her but she just wanted to curl up most days and forget it every happened. she had life changing injuries, she’d lost her wife and all she’d done for the last eighteen months was work. she hadn’t taken much of a break. She just had to take her  mind of that day. Now she knew she had to relive it. She just hoped that the doctor they had found was really the best and would be able to help her through this. she really did want the nightmares to end at least.

    She finished her lunch before slowly standing and gripping the cane that helped her walk. She was lucky she could even walk. She slowly moved around her desk and made her way out of the double doors that lead her past her Detail and to the elevator that took her up to the Residency, her home somewhere she felt safe and the place she was about to face her darkest fears.


    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette made herself comfortable in the corner of the sofa, she needed the cushions to help with the pain she lived in daily. She heard the door the Residency open and Denis walked in,

    “Ma’am Dr Kennard for you,”

    “Please show her in,”
    She watched the door as the blonde, slim woman walked into the room. Bette found her breath catching her throat she hadn’t expected her to be so attractive. she took in the doctor. She had her blonde hair up revealing her amazing cheekbones. She was dressed in a skirt suite and her feet in heels.

    “Hi,” Bette said softly.

    “Hello Ma’am, I’m Dr Tina Kennard.”

    “I know, please sit down,” Bette pointed to the other sofa which faced this one. She watched as Dr Kennard moved and took a seat before taking out her IPad.

    “I would just like to make a couple of things clear before we start Ma’am,”

    “Sure,” Bette nodded and found herself looking directly in the hazel eyes that were staring back at her.

    “Everything you share with me is private. I will be making notes but they are for your file and not for me to sell to anyone. I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement that you sister Ms Porter sent to me. I’m here to help you. I’m not here to judge or mislead you. You can ask me whatever you want. This however will only work if you are completely honest and are willing to open the wounds to let them heal correctly.”

    Bette found herself nodding along. This woman was very professional. She came across as she knew what she was doing.

    “I have to be open and honest,”

    “You do ma’am otherwise this process will not work,”

    “Lets put the cards on the table, you calling me Ma’am isn’t going to work please you can call me Bette.”

    “I prefer Tina to Dr Kennard,”

    Bette smiled.

    “I’m willing to give this a try.”

    “You deliver, trying will not be good enough. You have to come to terms with what happened to you twenty one months ago,”

    “And you think you’re the person to do that?” Bette didn’t like that she had been told to deliver. It was bad enough that Kit was making her do this.

    “I’m going to deliver the best service I can.”

    Bette nodded.

    “Okay…” She stopped and looked at her hands, her left hand now void of her wedding band. She rubbed her finger. She felt lost. She knew she had to do this. she had to move forward she could not be stuck in what had happened twenty one months ago.

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    1. Yes! By all means feel free to publish a big ‘ol helping of this story bc your readers have voracious appetites and burn calories real fast Chica! HeHeHe!!!

      We’ve been known to steal away into a corner and easily consume 10 or 15 pages in a single meal.

      MORE pages dear Lady so that we can really get into the story pleeze

    2. I am agreeing with the rest of my fellow readers. We are willing subjects not matter short of long. Poor Bette is in all sorts of pain. I hope she trusts Dr, Tina Kennard to help her settle. Please continue to post. Thank you!

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