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    Time Passes

    The gallery was busy for a Friday afternoon, people were milling around looking at the work on display. Bette was working away, not really taking much notice of the people in the gallery. She was trying to get another artist for a show she was putting together. she knew her work was ever lasting. Once one show opened another had to be prepared. She was proud of the show that was showing. It was making her money and that was the main thing. Bette signed a couple of contracts she had to sign. Before she took her glasses off and ran her fingers through her hair. She put her head back against her chair, just taking a deep breath. She moves her head and her eyes are caught to the art on her wall. A hand drawn picture, by her wife. it was a pencil drawing of the skyline of London from a recent trip. She got up and leant against her desk. Taking in the detail of it. She was very proud o her wife.

    There was a light knock on the door,

    “Come in,” Bette said softly,

    “Hello,” Shane said, smiling at her old friend,

    “Hey Shane,” Bette turned and look at her, smiling softly.

    “I didn’t think you’d be in today,”

    “James is on vacation. I don’t really trust the staff just to leave them here,”

    “How is the show going?”

    “About forty five percent of it has sold. I’ve made a profit but not that profit I’d hoped for.” Bette admitted.

    “Footfall is good,”

    “It is, I think because they are all up and coming young artist it’s helped.” Bette said, “Why do I get the feeling you’re to just talk about my gallery,”

    “I’m not.”

    “I was going to say art isn’t really your thing.”

    “Tina’s art is,”

    “Tina is a remarkably talented lady that I happen to be married too,”

    “I think that classes as bias,” Shane laughed.

    “I think you could be right, what can I do for you?”

    “Tina’ birthday…”

    “She wants a quiet one.” Bette said at once.

    “Yeah she lives a quiet life I get that. But we want to do something for her Bette.”


    “Me, Alice, Dana, Helena, you know the gang of friends you both have,”

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    1. Great to read more about this story.

      Xavier going to study at UCLA and already 18 years old, Angie 16 and Tina battled three cancers already. Wow wow, a lot happened the last years. I do hope you will not let anything happen to the kids and our couple.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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