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    Time Passes

    “We are aware of who you all are.” Bette laughed softly.

    “What do you have planned for her birthday.”

    “We will be in New York, Tina has a solo show.”



    “When will you be back?”

    “The week after Ti’s birthday, why Shane?”

    “Alice says we should have a party but I was thinking a family night, filled with board games and laughter the way Tina likes it.”

    “She’s mellowed a lot recently.”

    “She likes beating Alice at games,”

    “Don’t we all,” Bette thought for a moment. “Tell you what, the Saturday after we get back we will do family night and Tina gets to pick the games,”

    “Deal. Will you and family be coming to breakfast tomorrow.”

    “Yep, we will see you then,”

    Bette said goodbye to her friend and watched as a member of her staff looked like they had sold another painting. Bette was just glad that the money was being made. This show had been a gamble. A gamble she shouldn’t have taken. She took a deep breath before looking at her watch. She needed to work for another hour or so before she got even think about the drive home. She sat back down and got on with some work.




    Bette pulled the car into the drive and pressed the button for the large gates on the property. She switched off the engine and looked at the house. A house that she and Tina had designed. She loved this house. She got out of the car and picked up her briefcase and purse before walking into the house. She dropped them onto the chair near the door and saw the large doors into the rare of the property were open. She could hear her teenage children in the pool splashing around. Bette removed her jacket and walked out into the garden.

    “Hey Mama,” Angie yelped,

    “Hey honey was your day?”

    “Good,” At sixteen she was very bright, she loved school and had become a very popular child.

    “Hi Mama,” Xavier said, softly. He was a world away from his sister. He was a lot more like Tina. he had found a talent for designing things. He was eighteen and a lot more reserved than his sister. But he  had a tight group of friends that were all drawn together by their unique talents.


    1. Great to read more about this story.

      Xavier going to study at UCLA and already 18 years old, Angie 16 and Tina battled three cancers already. Wow wow, a lot happened the last years. I do hope you will not let anything happen to the kids and our couple.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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