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    Time Passes

    “Hi Dude, how was your day,”

    “Yeah okay,” he said before he threw the ball into the net at the side of the of the pool. Bette nodded knowing that was the best she was going to get.  She walked further down the path and walked into her wife’s large studio. Tina was sat on a stool, her hair up and out of her face, her glasses on. She was drawing away, a number of coloured pencils laying around the desk.

    “Hi babe,” Bette wrapped her arms around her wife and kissed her neck.

    “Mmm hi babe how was the gallery,”

    “Busier than the money I’m making suggested.” Bette admitted.

    “The show can’t be that bad,”

    “it is,” Bette pulled away and lent on the counter to one side. “I shouldn’t have taken the gamble.”

    “Sometimes a random gamble can pay off,” Tina said softly, she was still drawing away, “This one didn’t pay off the next one might.”

    “You’re very wise my love,”

    “Tell that to our kids,”

    “They seem happy enough right now,”

    “Xaiver was quiet in the car, he was texting away though. Angie is just excited we’re going to New York.”

    “She thinks she’s going shopping,”

    “Yeah, Xavier asked if we can go to the Empire State Building.”

    “What did you say?”

    “I said yes, he doesn’t ask for a lot,”

    “He is very like you,” Bette said, knowing that her wife rarely asked for anything.

    Tina put her pencils down and turned to look at Bette.

    “I just hope I’ve not passed my health issues onto him,”

    “His doctor says he is great,”

    “I don’t mean my physical issues B. I mean my mental ones. They both know I have good and bad days. They both see me at my highest and lowest points.”

    “And they both love you. All we can do is watch out for signs. Just because he is quieter doesn’t mean he has mental health issues. You’re a brilliant mom, even when you’re having a bad day you still try hard to be there for them.”

    “I just worry about him,”

    “He has a set of friends, he knows what he likes. Let me find himself.”

    “He is going to college this year Bette,”

    “Yeah and it’s down to him. he makes the choices. Our boy is eighteen,”


    1. Great to read more about this story.

      Xavier going to study at UCLA and already 18 years old, Angie 16 and Tina battled three cancers already. Wow wow, a lot happened the last years. I do hope you will not let anything happen to the kids and our couple.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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