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    Time Passes

    “I think I’d be unhappy at Yale,” Xavier said.

    Bette nodded before hugging her son.

    “I want you to be happy,”

    Xavier nodded and went off.

    “Am I such an education monster?” Bette asked,

    “You can be,” Tina smiled.


    “You went to Yale, he thought you’d want him to go too.”

    “I would rather he was happy.”

    “He will be, he loved gaming,”

    “Yeah I saw the game he designed for school the other days it’s amazing. Our boy had talent.”

    “Don’t’ know where he get’s it from,”

    “You and we both know it,”

    Tina laughed.

    “Ti, your last cancer scare has made me see more than ever there is more to live than where someone goes to college. We all have to find our happiness,”

    “I have mine,” Tina said slowly. “I know it’s not always visible to me but I have it. You, the kids, my work. even in my darkest hours I know there is a light that will pull me back,”

    “That’s very deep,”

    “It is a bit, I don’t know what came over me,” Tina laughed.

    Angie walked into the studio.

    “I’m popular today,” Tina said softly

    “You’re always popular mom,” Angie laughed. “Erm can I go to Hannah’s please,”

    “I will drive you,” Bette said. “I will get us some dinner on the way back, are you staying over at Hannah’s?”

    Hannah and Angie had been best friends since they were four and were always together.

    “If you don’t mind,”

    “We will pick you up on the way to the Planet tomorrow for Saturday breakfast okay?”

    “Yes mama,” The kids knew not to disobey their mama, plus they enjoyed Saturday breakfast with the gang.

    “Go and get ready then and I’ll take ya.” Bette smiled at her daughter as she hugged each of her moms and then ran inside.

    “If you’re dropping her off and getting us food and I can work for about another hour right?”

    “Yeah,” Bette kissed her wife and left the studio.

    Tina turned and looked at the paper. The skyline of Hong Kong, a place her and Bette had been recently as Bette was thinking of opening a gallery there. Tina now took photos of the cities they visited and did hand drawn pictures of them. it was making her good money along with her other stuff. She knew that her world was ever changing. Her son was growing into an adult. Her daughter was independent has ever and her art was still hot property. she finished up and closed down the studio. She went into the house and went upstairs, seeing her son was playing a video game, happily talking to his friends over Discord. She’d noticed he was happier talking to his internet friends. She just wanted him to be happy. Tina went into her and Bette’s bedroom and lay on the bed. Her body sometimes aches. She’d only been in remission six months and still had certain affects from her chemo. She flopped her arm over her forehead and just rested until she heard Bette coming in. these five or ten minutes meant she’d have the energy to be good company to her wife.


    1. Great to read more about this story.

      Xavier going to study at UCLA and already 18 years old, Angie 16 and Tina battled three cancers already. Wow wow, a lot happened the last years. I do hope you will not let anything happen to the kids and our couple.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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