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    Tina Processes

    “She just… she just went into my apartment, packed all my clothes, and moved it to her house – without asking me! We were supposed to be thinking things through, and then discussing it; she acted like everything was already decided. Why did she do that?!”

    “Did you ask her?”

    Tina stops pacing the office to look at her therapist Heather. “Ask her…”

    “Yes, did you ask her why she made such a huge decision without consulting with you first?”

    “No, no I did not; I didn’t need to. She was trying to control me like everyone else, and I can’t do that.” Tina says coldly.

    “You think she was trying to control you and that’s why she made this decision without consulting you?”

    “Yes, and I can’t be controlled anymore… not even by her.”

    Heather can see the emotion in Tina’s face and can hear it in her voice. Due to the conversation they had in their session yesterday, she was at an advantage to know the fears that are clouding Tina’s ability to see positive motives in Bette’s actions. Heather leans forward placing her elbows on her knees as she looks to Tina. “I don’t think that’s why she started packing your apartment without talking to you.”

    “No… she…” Tina trails off as her voice begins to break.

    “Tina, I know you’re struggling – I know you’re scared, but I don’t think Bette was trying to control you.” Tina wipes a few tears as she sits on the couch facing Heather. “Let’s look at this objectively: Bette asks you to move in and you, wisely, temper that excitement by suggesting you both meet with your therapists to discuss the reality of taking the next step in your relationship. So, we know that before Bette came to see you yesterday, before she moved all your clothes into her home, she met with Dan Foxworthy – her therapist. I think in that session, Dan would have gone over the realistic pros and cons of living together, and when she was able to give healthy responses to the potential pitfalls he would have been encouraging and agreed it that it is a good idea. So, her excitement returns ten-fold and with all that excitement she forgets the second part of the equation – your therapy session. Instead, she thinks of how amazing it will be to live with you, her soulmate, and begins the moving in process so that as soon as you discharge, you can come home to your new home together. Were her actions insensitive? Yes. Did she fail to communicate? Yes. Was she trying to control you? No. Tina, her excitement got the best of her and she made a mistake, but the mistake was in failing to communicate with her partner; not trying to control her partner.”

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    1. Nice to have this story back. Great to see Tina and Bette talking again about their errors. At least Tina called Bette and started the process. Saturday will be a much more productive day for their relationship. This is just the first bump in their relationship. And how they resolve this will give them both tools they need to resolve future problems. I am glad to see that Tina really does not believe that Bette wants to control her. Bette just simply acted before thinking things through. A big mistake, but a forgivable one.

      I think that Tina moving in with Bette is going to work for the better for both them. They both need to continue their therapy. I wonder when they will be ready for physical intimacy? After Tina’s trauma, Bette needs to take things really slow. I’m sure she will.

      Thank you for this story…hopefully you will be able to add more in the near future.

      • Hi there Martha! As always, your insight is wonderful! I’m about to post another update and you’ll see we skip over actually seeing Saturday’s conversation. The conversation happens in their reality, and it’s implied that it was healthy and successful, but I wanted to move forward a little bit so I didn’t take the time to write it out. Hopefully, the jump lands okay and people don’t feel they’re missing anything by the conversation being “absent.”

        I promise you will see growing affection over the next couple of updates, and we – FINALLY – will see their first sexual encounter in Chapter 32! It has taken quite a bit of time to get there, so hopefully that chapter will be deliciously fulfilling to all who have weathered this journey! :-)

        Thanks for reading!

    2. Thanks for your post. Prayers for your family, especially your father’s improvement, are sent. Keep your chin up, and step outside for a few minutes when the sun shines!

    3. Thank you for the post.
      Sorry for what you and your family are going through at this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers to you, your father and family.

      This was a nice calming chapter and I look forward to more as they work through the issues they have both collectively and singularly.

      Stay well and safe

    4. Sending ???????????? over to you, your father and family!

      What would they be without their therapist and friends like Shane. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

      Wonderful chapter!

      Take care!

    5. So glad this story is back. Thinking about you and your family during this really difficult and crazy time. I can not even imagine the stress and worry you are going through. Keep us posted and keep writing if that helps. Thanks

      • Thank you for your thoughts BK! I have been so scattered over the past month, but have finally taken the time to breathe.

        Writing has been helping so much which is why I have continued to write at this time – I have a few completed chapters to upload over the coming days. Unfortunately, as this was happening my computer crashed – or something – I don’t know. For a 28 year old, I’m terrible with electronics and had my brother fix it! ;-) Anyway, I’ve been writing over the past month on the Word app on my cell phone. I couldn’t format well, but now that my computer is back in action I’ve been formatting the chapters written and getting them ready for upload. The story progresses quickly – I think – over the next four chapters I have done so I hope everyone enjoys them.

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    6. Welcome Back Dear Elizabeth!!!! We Missed you and greatly missed this story. I’m so excited and happy that you still thought of us and posted, despite the recent illness in your family. Sending you big hugs and well wishes for a full recovery for your father. These are very trying times. Know that your Lesfan crew is pulling for you. Thank you for posting!!!

      PS….I love the dialog between B&T. It was a tad emotional (as it should be). They were both afraid of losing the other and I’m glad they were able to connect. Poor James. I hope he really does get that promotion.

      • Thank SO much for your sweet words MTS!!! Things have been rough, but writing has always been a great escape for me – as is hiking but that’s a bit difficult at this point. I’m glad everyone is still engaged in the story and liking the updates.

        The emotions with B&T is so palpable; you can’t help but root for them.

        Yes! James definitely is deserving of a promotion and pay raise!

        Thanks for reading! :-)

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