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    Tina’s Journal

    “Mmm… you feel so good. I love holding you T.” Bette buries her nose into the back of Tina’s head taking in the scent of her sweet love.

    “I love when you hold me Baby…” Tina brings the hand Bette has wrapped around her waist up to her face and places several kisses in the palm before turning to face her. “But I love being able to hold you too.” She says as she hooks her left leg over Bette’s right hip and pulls herself closer leaving no room between them. “Mmm… I could lay here with you forever.”

    She smiles adoringly at Tina. Bette leans in for a kiss…


    “FUCK!” Bette yells out as she’s jolted from her dream into reality. She rolls over and shuts of the blaring alarm before tossing herself back on the bed frustrated with the interruption from her beautiful dream. She pulls the neck of Tina’s sweater that she’s wearing up from where it lays on her body to cover her face, breathing in the scent of her sweet love. “Ahh… god I miss you, T.” Bette whispers to herself. She pulls herself into a sitting position and rests back against the headboard. As she stares off into the quiet room ruminating over the events of the past few weeks, she spots Tina’s journal laying on the dresser across the room. She sits in contemplation for only a few minutes before deciding to get up and retrieve the book – hoping to read at least one entry before needing to get ready for work.


    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    I’m so stupid! I’m so fucking stupid!


    She’s probably laughing at me.


    Why did I think she would be different? Why did I get so attached?

    I was just fooling myself – you can’t fall in love with someone that fast anyway. I thought I loved her… thought she loved me…


    Bette lightly traces the wrinkles in the paper indicating where Tina’s tears had marred the paper. “Oh Baby… I do love you…”


    She played me right up until the end; she stood in this very building and promised to call me every day – she had to have known she couldn’t call me. Why’d she lie to me? I begged her not to hurt me… not to use me like all the others.

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    1. Elizabeth, I haven’t read this chapter yet, but wanted to thank you in advance for posting tonight. I needed a break from the insanity that is GenQ. It’s great to read stories from truly talented writers with a sense of how characters actually behave.

    2. Thank you for putting this out so soon. After tonight’s show I went into a deep funk. I felt bad for Bette cuz she was totally blindsided by Tina. We don’t know definitely if and when Tina will be back and if she carries out her plans as she told Bette when she moves back to LA. Too bad we’ll have to wait another year to find out. I am enjoying this story.

      • I continue to hold out hope that we’ll be seeing a fully reconciled TiBette by the end of season 2. How the season finale ends will determine if I watch season 2 or not. I don’t think I can sit through another season that embodies the same energy as season 3 of TLW.

        Thank you for reading and commenting! :-)

    3. Thank you Elizabeth!!!

      I didn’t see the whole episode, but god to see the heartbreaking scène with Tina and Bette, the pain and tears so visible to see on Bette’s face made me cry out. 😭

      I enjoy this story so much!

      Thank you for posting so fast!

    4. Elizabeth
      U are a special soul indeed. How does one keep writing with such optimism a “love story” as you’ve created? Especially after we were all pushed of the Space Station to plummet to the earth without our spacecraft and heat shield having dived head first into episode 7 of TLWGQ thinking Bette&Tina were in a relationship that would expand beyond the “co-parenting” them we have seen thus far?!!!

      Bare with me as I digress.

      I believe I can now articulate my angst and ire for what we were fed in epi 7.

      For the Writers of GenQ to act like season 6 of TLW N E V E R happened is the height of arrogance & stupidity. In the effort to create “drama” they basically gave us a hard middle finger up our nose!!

      Bette & Tina were clearly, C L E A R L Y “in sync” and communicating with the utmost respect and preference to one another. They were on their way bc of Tina’s new job to get married and who knows…..

      Bette was the alpha who had LEARNED the value of Tina!! Thinking back, she had really been the only one (in the whole cast of characters that sought help to understand herself, and how to properly communicate with others.

      She used those newly-found skills to open the door for Tina to express differences of opinions and just have her say in matters of their relationship. She had submitting to the fire in Tina to be expressed even if it was toward herself. No more ‘self-righteous tantrums to hide her own insecurities..

      Tina had learned to voice her opinion and not stuff insecurities down giving Bette the passive-aggressive silent treatment like she had in the earlier years of their relationship.

      Now we wait 10+ years and the genQ BEST Writers could come up with is to have them divorced and Tina supposedly leaving to “find herself”????!!!!😳😳😩🤔🤔🤔🤬🤬🤬.

      Them talking civilly in the kitchen with Tina feeling free to ask Bette if she was still seeing “that woman” all the while knowing that she had accepted a marriage proposal from Carrie, the love of her life???? Y would Tina give two flips if Bette was seeing “that woman” or a dozen others?

      Y’all I’m not upset, I’m just. U P S E T 😤. (HeHeHe!).

      Anyway, the story finally comes to the scene where T&B are having dinner and just enjoying one another’s company and Tina gleefully pummels with a 2 x 4 called “guess what Honey I’,m getting married, to Carrie”?? You remember Carrie?

      I saw the growth & maturity of Bette with her words, tone and facial expressions in trying to express true happiness for Tina in hearing news that surely stopped her heart.

      I have read comments where some say that Bette should have shown Tina her tears. But I don’t believe that she was tried to hide her tears that were demanding to fall and trying “appear to be strong”. Just feel like she didn’t want to rain on Tina’s parade in any manner.

      And for Tina to suggest she be a part of sharing “that” news with Angie was pretty heartless of Tina. Geeze, can you imaging the goodnight/goodbye sendoff Betty had to endure at the end of the evening??? Wonder how fast Bette beat over to Shanes? But did she tell her what happened? Ahh well, story for another day 😐

      Whewhhhh! now that my rant is complete, I will spare you all.

      Once again, to Elizabeth and the other dear souls who frequent this site, many blessings and honor galore my friends

      • I’m really lost in the timeline and story of this second iteration. It’s as if they’re picking and choosing which parts of not only season 6, but season 5 of TLW are canon for this “sequel.” It seems that not only are they undoing or ignoring the progress that B&T made together as a couple, but the progress they made individually.

        They apear to be bringing back this season 3, passive aggressive, vindictive version of Tina by having her absurdly suggest that they tell Angie about her engagement together… with Carrie… WHAT? On top of that, the fact that Tina would allow herself to be eclipsed by Bette’s shadow again I find wholly unbelievable. There was a scene in season 5… I think episode 6 maybe… B&T left a party at Phyllis’s house and went back to Tina’s apartment – it’s when Bette tells Tina that she loves and adores Jodi but it doesn’t compare. Later in that scene when Bette gets up to leave in the middle of the night and they’re talking about Jodi and what to do Bette says, “We just have to do what’s best for us.” and Tina stops her and says, “You have to do what’s best for you, and I have to do what’s best for me.”

        Add to that the scene in season 6 when Tina’s in New York for the Focus Features position and Bette’s at the Wentworth-Porter Gallery. Kelly interrupts Bette’s call with Tina, and Bette gets upset. Kelly suggests that Tina was “checking in on her,” and Bette says, “it took us a long time to get to this point, but Tina’s work is just as important to her as mine is to me, and that’s a good thing.”

        Bette wanted to move to New York where she had no job because Tina was offered an amazing position. Bette was considering being a stay-at-home mom while there. After all that you’re telling me Bette reverted back and Tina just acquiesced? I don’t believe it.

        Ugh. If they changed the backstory then that needs to be outlined; if they didn’t then there’s a clear lack of continuity. Either way, it’s bullshit.

        Thanks for reading though! :-)

        • I agree with you 100%. The whole process of reconciling after Jodi was to change their behaviors to not repeat the mistakes of the past. Some reason, people think that they just forget their lessons. Sure there can be some backslides, but these two are so close that they are not above calling each other out on their crap. If Tina lost her job, she would immediately search for another. Bette would have search for a job once she was stabilized in New York. With two income, they would have hired a nanny to take care of Angie after school and when they were not available in the evenings. They would have agreed as to the roles they would play in their families and provided for each of them to achieve what professional goals they each had. And if they started to drift apart, they would have pushed each other to find out the cause and the cure. Bette & Tina are both intelligent, caring, and sensitive women. The women in Gen Q, are almost non-recognizable. Its crap that Tina would not be at Bette’s side at Kit’s death. Even if Tina accepted a job which kept her away from home six months a year, they would still be married and very much in love and providing the guidance and love to Angie. Would there have been problems – sure but there would have been no need for space in order to find themselves. They would simply discuss the problem and come up with a path to resolution. And they would agree on the path and both would have input into the solution. And if there was disagreement, the likelihood is that Bette would bow to Tina’s wishes because that is Bette’s nature to provide Tina with whatever she desires to provide her with happiness.

    5. Wow. Very emotional for Bette. This Tina has a lot of heaviness in her life and having Bette love her and support her is so critical. I have not even starting watching the new series…so I keep trying to avoid spoilers…LOL. Overall, my brain has been marinating in like 10 years of post-show Tibette fanfic. So I’m glad for stories like this that keep the purity of their bond alive.

      Thanks for the post!

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