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    Tina’s Place

    Bette looked around the large kitchen that Tina had led her into when they had a arrived at a large private property up in the hills. The house looked like something she’d seen in Good Living magazine, but you could tell it was well lived in and not a show home. Art covered the walls and the kitchen had a coffee machine and a number of other gadgets on the counter tops.

    “Would you like a glass of wine? Something to relax you?” Tina asked, as she stood in the middle of the kitchen, opening the small wine fridge that was where most people had a wine rack.

    “Yes, please,” Bette said, she was nervous. She’d never been nervous when it came to sex or women in general, but she knew that Tina was different. This woman was completely and utterly in control.

    Tina took out a bottle of wine and opened one of her cupboards and took out two glasses. She poured them each a glass and passed it over to Bette. she could see the tension running from Bette was clear to see.

    “You need to relax Bette. if this isn’t something you want I’m giving you one final chance to leave.” Tina said, as she sipped her own glass of wine.

    “What do you mean?” Bette asked,

    “You are very tense, nervous even, before we get into things, I’m giving you the option to leave.” Tina said,

    “It makes it sound like you kidnapping me,” Bette laughed nervously as she spoke.

    Tina smiled softly.

    “No I’m wanting you to want this. Sex is supposed to be enjoyable and pleasurable for both person. If you don’t want this, don’t want what’s about to happen then this is your chance for us to shake hands and you can walk away.”

    “What if I utter the safe word?” Bette said

    “I’m not going to ask you to leave if you say your safe word. That word is for a scene to stop. I want you to feel safe, even when you are completely at my mercy.” Tina raise her eyebrow as she spoke.

    Bette looked at her, looked at this sexy blonde woman. she had never been this overwhelmed before. There was something about Tina. Bette slowly put her glass of wine down, she had only drank about half it, she removed her jacket, draping  it over the back of a stool.

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    1. GREEN. This is only starting. I know it will be as good as Keys to the Kingdom. It’s just unusual to see Tina as the domme. Should make for some sizzling Bette sub scenes. Please continue and thank you.

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