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    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette watched as the meeting ended and the people filed out. Bette shook her head. it had been a long three hour meeting about her new Education Bill. James walked in, against the flow of people with lunch for the President. As he put the plate of assorted sandwiches and a drink onto her desk Bette looked up at him.

    “Can you see if Ben is free please?”

    “Sure,” James said before leaving the room.

    Bette started to eat and read a report at the same time. The door to the side opened and Ben walked in,

    “I believe you would like to talk to me,” Ben said walking in.

    “Hi Ben,”

    “Hi Ma’am, how are you doing?”

    “That meeting was hell,”

    “I can imagine. Do you think the bill will go through,”

    “Yeah it will. Well it better,” Bette smiled.

    “Why do I get the feeling you want to talk about something else?” Ben said. Cocking his head to one side.

    “I do, my wedding to Tina.” Bette said sitting back and taking a sandwich.

    “Have you two set a date?”

    “Not yet but we know where we would like to get married,”

    “I’m guessing it’s not going to be a huge wedding,”

    “No, we want a small wedding at Black Water.”

    “I see why. You want a nice private wedding,”

    “We do. Tina said she would like to get married at Black Water, do you think this would be possible?”

    “Yeah, we can make this happen. There are no rules about weddings.”

    “I just want to give Tina the wedding of her dreams.”

    “You’ve done it all before?”

    “No, Victoria and I got married in Vegas.”

    “Romantic,” Ben laughed.

    Bette grinned.

    “It wasn’t. I want my wedding to Tina to be romantic and I don’t care how much it costs.”

    “Well we do need a date once you and Tina have decided on that we can then put everything into place.”

    “Thank you Ben, I will speak to Tina and James about finding a good opening in my diary.”

    “Okay, anything else ma’am?”

    “Not at the moment, thank you Ben,”

    Ben left and Bette eat her lunch before getting on with her afternoon meetings which seemed every lasting.

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