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    Washington D.C. – November 6, 2009

    Bette sat silently in the waiting room as she watched the clock tick…and tick…and tick with no updates on either Tina or Delia.

    “Here you go,” Rob said as he placed a steaming cup of coffee on the table in front of her. “I just wanted to apologize.”

    Bette furrowed her brows in confusion as she gladly accepted the cup, “for?”

    “Greyson explained what happened with the video,” Rob said, sitting down next to her. “I shouldn’t have just jumped to the conclusion that you cheated.”

    Bette shook her head as she coffee began to burn her throat, “no, it’s okay. I would have thought the same thing. That isn’t the way I wanted Tee to find out.”

    Rob nodded as he leaned back on the squeaky chair, “just give Tina some time.”

    Bette briefly glanced over at him, “you think she would believe me?”

    Rob shrugged, “I’m not quite sure how Tina is at the moment-mentally that is. I don’t know, but I…I think that you two will be just fine.”

    Bette stared down at the tiled floor, hoping that Rob would be right.

    “This is taking quite a long time,” Greyson said, coming up behind them and sitting down next to Bette.

    “We have no idea what happened,” Rob answered, looking down the corridor. “Just seeing Tina and Del… looks like they went through some painful shit.”

    Bette winced hearing it-knowing deep down that the Unit Chief was right. “I wonder what happened to her leg.”

    “Good question,” Greyson replied, looking at the clock. “It was in a cast-looks, well, looks kind of professional done.”

    “Were you guys able to find any of the others?” Bette asked, looking up at Rob.

    Rob nodded, “the UnSub killed them before going after Delia and Tina-at least to my guess. They were all dead.”

    “What about the UnSub?” Bette asked, playing with the cup in her hand.

    “Dead…gunshot to the head,” Greyson replied, kicking imaginary dust on the floor.

    “Self-inflicted?” The brunette asked, angry that he might have had an easy way out.

    “Not based on the angle,” Rob said, looking at her. “The only theory I really have is that after he shot Delia, Tina went back for revenge.”

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    1. So glad that you decided to post this one so soon!

      I am also happy that Tina and Delia are safe and will heal. It will take time for Tina to heal mentally after the death from Will and the torture she has suffered. This is where Bette can show her support and strenght to Tina to help her overcome this.

      It will take time, but with the love and support of Bette and both her family Tina will pull through.

      Thanks again for the quick update!

      • Tina will be dealing with quite a few demons. More will come out about her previous kidnapping and how she felt the need to completely isolate herself from the job-but at the same time, possess the need to keep doing it.

    2. Kylie. Thanks for the quick update. This chapter raises more questions than answers. Rob’s explaining why Bette never met them in 10 years is BS. Angie knew them, Tina said they were in LAX for cases several times and obviously they have planes that fly between LA and DC. But that aside where did Maude get her Intel on what happened to Will. and that Tina was responsible. They haven’t been partners for over a decade and if I recall correctly Tina hasn’t been officially active. Seems to me that call to Will’s mother set things in motion. AJ is acting really suspicious, Even her conversation with Bette makes me nervous. Maybe she’s not over taking a bullet for Tina and not getting the girl. Bette’s in for a lot of work helping Tina to get through this, and there is still so much she doesn’t know.. Looking forward to the next one.

      • I didn’t feel the need to write it out, but I had hours past since the last chapter. It would be logical for the unit chief to call Marlene and tell her what happened to her son. She already knew something previously-so, connecting the dots, it wouldn’t be shocking (at least from my p.o.v,) for the family to come out as soon as possible.
        I base a lot of my characteristics of the new characters from criminal minds- and i base tina’s relationship to theirs. they are a team, and they have all risked their lives for one another. so, in my story, i really wanted to incorporate that aspect to this team. if you want to see it, you can always watch a few episodes-i think it personally brings this story to life even more (i watch it while writing this).
        i have a lot of family in law enforcement, and i’ve seen how close they get. considering i made AJ know Tina prior to even entering the BAU, i think it justifies their closeness. I really had no intention of having anyone think of a romantic relationship between AJ and Tina. To me, and my own personal experience having a friend like this, it is a bit weird to any outsiders, so i do understand where you are coming from.

        I did say Angie did know them-and i did allude to them spending time with her, but most of it took place when bette and tina weren’t together. to me, personally, your ex doesn’t have to know about your personal life any longer. when regarding a child, as long as the person isn’t dangerous, i don’t see why they have to talk to the other in order for them to spend a little time with the kid, especially if Tina is there the entire time (i don’t know if that makes any sense lol).

        next one should be up next weekend!

        • Update haha:
          I actually based a lot of this story off a couple of episode of Criminal minds if you wanted to take a glance at it to see it live in action. Things are obviously a bit different, but the overarching theme is the same.

          Criminal Minds. Season 6. Episode 18: Lauren & Season 7, Episode 1
          The team on that show is essentially the team in the story-just changed the names.

          • Kylie. Thank you. I will watch the new episodes as I have watched Criminal Minds but the early years. Regarding Maddie. Sorry I called her Maude before. Anyway, totally agree the family should be notified as soon as possible about Will’s death but for Maddie to storm Tina’s room at the hospital in the middle of the night, blaming her makes me think that AJ handled the notification poorly and must have indicated Tina’s role in why Will was put in danger. To my recollection, no one has even debriefed Tina and Delia, not that I would expect them to at this point when they are still in shock. So my point with AJ, is yes tell the family but also protect Tina. They are obviously trained in how to do that. As for the romantic feelings I don’t think it’s too far fetched. Delia and Tina make sense and Delia respected Bette and Tina’s relationship. AJ overstepped and the fact that Bette has to put up with it doesn’t feel right. Anyway, your story is definitely intriguing and there are several plot lines that can take it in numerous directions.

      • Like said in the authors note, this chapter was going to be connected to the previous, but i didn’t want that chapter to be really long so i cut it and posted it separately.
        if i gave everything away, what’s the fun in that? lol.

    3. I really wasn’t too sure how they could start repairing in a way that made sense but once again you made me believe in the direction of this story!

      I’m glad the burden of Bette’s ‘secret’ is finally out in the open and she’s not run by her guilt anymore. She’s already thinking logically about Tina’s needs and isn’t so wrapped up in her own this time.

      Surprised that Tina doesn’t want to stay any longer than she absolutely needs to though! Guess we’ll have to see how deep Tina’s traumas really run and how she’ll be able to overcome them! This chapter did ease my nerves from the last one I have to say!

      Thanks again!!

      • i have a dozen scenarios in my head as to where this story is going to go. i don’t even know until i start writing and the words magically appear on the keyboard.

        i debated whether or not tina should stay longer, but i figured making sure delia was okay and to go to wills funeral was the best route to go down.

    4. I am thinking along the same line of BAT2012! There is a big piece missing that is really bothering me. AJ’s husband wanted to slug Tina….was his drinking and their break up because of AJ’s love for Tina? More than sisterly love?

      • When i decided to divorce AJ and her husband-that was strictly because he was turning into an alcoholic and i wanted to add some depth into AJ’s character.
        Dealing with a drunk can be difficult and it is natural for many to become violent in the process. considering tina was pressing a couple of his buttons, i had him want to hit her. AJ got the blow instead.
        You will see i’m further chapters the relationship between AJ and Tina. it is sisterly and not anything more- we’ll have to see how it plays out. Like i told JBLH, i never know how the story is going to play out until it hits my screen.
        Life isn’t perfect- it is filled with mystery and tragedy but i believe that with love, anything can be conquered. love can come from friendships and life partners alike.

    5. Kylie-Am sorry you have been put on the defensive so much cuz of this story. I know I am a part of it but I know we all appreciate you writing it. We are all trying to tie up loose ends. IMHO Bette and Angie need to go back to LA very very soon. Bette does not fit in with Tina’s crowd and DC. She has to get back to the gallery to take her mind off of that nightmare. I’m glad she sort of resolved things with Tina but Tina has NOT resolved things with Bette. Their relationship is hanging by a thread and until Tina breaks up ENTIRELY with the FBI BAU crowd and goes back to LA her dealings with Bette will be at a low point. She will also be best served if she got intensive psychiatric help. Her conversations with Greyson do not mean a thing or help hers and Bette’s relationship. Tina must tell Bette everything and come 100% clean before she can fix the relationship. Good luck with this story.

      • I do want to ask you why you believe Tina needs to break all ties with her fellow agents? I truely understand Tina going back to L.A (which is what I essentially wrote because I feel it’s time), but why must that come with her leaving all her friends behind and completely shut them out simply because you feel Bette doesn’t feel comfortable with them? In my opinion, and I would honestly love to hear yours, is that I feel Tina wouldn’t ask Bette to stop speaking to her friends and/or family simply because she [Tina] didn’t feel comfortable around them. Let me know what you think in a reply :)

        The only thing that Tina has to come clean with is what happened prior to coming to L.A…at least I believe. Everything else I feel like she has pretty much covered in past chapters and in this one. I’d have to check because after writing 20 chapters things begin to feel a bit fuzzy ;)

        And it’s been a bit intersting. I know what I want to happen in the story and as a writer, I don’t want to pour it all into a couple of chapters and end the book. So moments like this, where I have things that happen, sometimes it goes well with the audience and sometimes people disagree. It is difficult on my part because I know where I want this to go-yet it has not been shown to the public yet so people have opinions on certain people. It is interesting though because I love the L word and I love Criminal Minds-so all characters in my story, I watch them on my TV, you know? So it is slightly weird when I hear some people say they don’t like a specific character, but each person has an opinion and that’s completely okay.

    6. Kylie. My reasoning about Tina and her DC crowd is that they drew her out of LA, interrupted and caused havoc and danger to her relationship with Bette and they should have just let Tina alone. Bette is probably
      insecure and doesn’t want Tina to go back working for them. True, Tina would not ask Bette to stop dealing with the Planet crowd but they do not put anyone in life or death situations like Tina’s crowd in DC. The only person Bette could really talk to was Greyson. Tina can talk to everyone at the Planet. Anyway it is YOUR story and I was just giving my critique and POV about it. Wherever you go with this story should be very interesting. I was not looking to stir up any issues with you . I was just giving my opinion. Thanks for giving this your attention.

    7. Wow. I am so sad that Will didn’t make it out, but at the same time elated that Tina and Delia did. I know it will take lots and lots of love and understanding for Tina to claw her way out of the darkness that engulfs her right now, but she will with Bette and the rest of her family behind her. I know Bette can’t stay away from her job indefinitely but she is having a family emergency and should stay with Tina as long as possible to be that rock, that shoulder,that listening ear until she is mentally able to come back home. Please post very soon.

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