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    They arrived at the airport and Bette put the bags onto a cart, to push to check in, she smiled as Tina paid the driver, her woman looking cute with her hair in a messy bun and her clothes casual. Maybe Bette should have told her they were flying First Class?

    Bette just shook her head as Tina threw her purse over her shoulder. Bette took control of the cart and after checking her phone to see where they had to check in, usually they flew business class but she’d upgraded them once they had purchased the tickets, but she hadn’t told Tina yet. She wanted it to be a nice surprise for her woman. She loved to treat Tina, more so since she’d found out more about her childhood. It was like she wanted to make sure that Tina knew she was loved, wanted and cared for.

    Bette spotted the First Class check in with new queue and started to walk over.

    “Baby,” Tina said a little confused.


    “We can’t check in at First Class, I know I’m high in the frequent flyer club but my membership isn’t that good.”

    “Do you ever check your profile?”

    “No my PA does,” Tina said, laughing, “I know the password and have the app on my phone for boarding cards but that’s it why?”

    “Because since we booked these tickets they’ve said First Class on them,”

    “No, no Bette, we booked business, I remember because it was a really good deal,” Tina said shaking her head like her partner had gone crazy.

    “It was a good deal, as was the upgrade price we were offered about twenty minutes after booking.”

    “What?” Tina stopped and looked at Bette, a little shocked.

    “I upgraded us to First. I mean come on Ti, we’re getting married.”

    “You really did that?” Tina asked softly. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed. She knew that when they were booking they had put Bette’s email in as Bette had insisted on paying for the flights but she hadn’t expected this.

    “Yeah of course I did they sent me upgrade prices, and frankly this weekend is about us and I thought hey why not,” Bette just smiled before walking over the check in.

    “Good Afternoon, do you have your reservation code,” The gentleman behind the counter asked.

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