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    True Feelings

    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette looked at Tina completely shocked that she had said that. It was common knowledge she was single, she had dated, relationships had fallen apart and Bette knew it was because her heart belonged to one woman and that was Tina.

    “What?” Bette asked, tears filling her eyes.

    Tina walked around the coffee table, putting some distance between herself and Bette. she knew that it was a lot to put on her but she had to do this for her sanity.

    “I love you Bette, I loved you the moment you I saw you to this day. I’ve tried so hard to fill the void that you created in my life and I can’t so I’m hoping we can both get closure and move on with our lives.”

    “What if I said, I would like closure for what happened seventeen years ago but I’d also like to get to know you again,”

    “Right now I would say you’re doing it out of pity after seeing my arms.”

    “No, Ti, listen to me. Nothing we are doing is out of pity I assure you.” Bette sat looking at Tina as Tina started to pace. Bette smiled to herself somethings never changed, Tina would pace when she was nervous or thinking or just trying to work something out in her mind.

    “Seventeen years is a long time Bette. I’ve never stopped loving you. every person I’ve been with since was just not you. I need some answers, we need to talk and then we can see what happens. I get you’re important now. I know you could get a call at any minute and you’ve got to go and work but I just want this conversation.”

    “I understand that, James will redirect as much of tonight’s traffic as possible towards the VP. I’m hoping we should just be able to talk, can I get you a drink?”

    “Water would be great,”

    “I’ll be a couple of moments,” Bette got up and headed towards the kitchen.

    Tina stood looking around the massive living area, she was still shocked that she was in the White House, off all places. This wasn’t were she was expecting to see Bette again. The place was amazing and the art on the walls was all very Bette. she could tell that she was trying to make this place home.

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    1. Great story!

      Bette as the POTUS and Tina being a famous writer.

      17 years is a long time and they need to learn about each other again. No rush into anything.

      Candace is a bitch by crawling out under the stone to make bucks by selling her side of the story.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. It’s amazing how we may not know exactly what can push us over the edge. Processing grief is really internalized isn’t it?
      Glad that Tina was found in time AND that she was then willing to figure out how to start living. Looking 4ward to her season of healing with Bette. Hope they also talk about the possible fallout when her suicide attempt is leaked to the paparazzi.

      Some cruel buzzards will gleefully try to do this if Bette runs for re-election right??

      BUT!!! Until then, let the lovin’ begin!!!

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