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    A few mornings later, Bette finds herself staring up at the ceiling after yet another a restless night. She rubs her face in frustration before she climbs out of bed.


    After her shower, Bette is tying her robe when she walks into her kitchen. She takes a deep breath and stares daggers at Alice who’s standing over the stove cooking while doing her best rendition of the salsa while dancing to “Despacito”.

    Bette: Alice, what the hell are you doing here?

    Alice turns down the volume on her cell phone as she smiles at Bette.

    Alice: Hey sleepy head……you got the bacon.

    Bette rolls her eyes as she walks to her fridge.

    Bette: Go buy your own bacon….

    Alice giggles and continues to cook and dance.

    Alice: Since when do we buy more than one pack of bacon at a time?

    Bette pours herself a glass of juice just as Shane rounds the corner with a smile on her face.

    Shane: Smells amazing in here…. forgot Bette has the bacon.

    Bette: I’m taking my key back from you people.

    Alice: Breakfast’s up in a minute ……where’s Dane?

    Shane smiles as she sits down.

    Shane: Caught our girl ushering some hot chick outta her place this morning.

    Alice: Great, now even Dana’s getting laid before me? How depressing.

    Shane laughs and then turns and looks at Bette who’s leaning against the counter nursing her juice like it’s a glass of the finest scotch.

    Shane: What’s up with you this morning Bette?

    Bette shrugs and shakes her head.

    Bette: Nothing

    Alice: Well then sit your ass down and smile…. we have bacon damn it…you show it the respect it deserves.

    Bette sits her glass on the counter.

    Bette: I have to get ready for work.

    Alice: Well you gotta eat.

    Bette steals a strip of bacon from the plate Alice sits on the kitchen table.

    Bette: Thanks

    Shane and Alice watch Bette leave.

    Alice: Man, this opening has made her super cranky.

    Shane: Yep….




    Bette Porter Gallery….

    Later, Bette walks out of her office and is a little annoyed that she has to dodge busy bee workers moving from one side of her gallery to the other. She finally makes her way over to James, who’s watching over the men that’s handling the artwork for the opening.

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    1. Just finished reading it…
      And you stopped when everything start looking good…what a cliffhanger… :-(
      At least the wedding finally called off :p
      Please don’t let us wait too long for the next chapter :-)

    2. What a great, long awaited, update. Thanks beg, please don’t be too long with the next Chapter!
      While I’m commenting can I just remind you that you have other unfinished Stories! Just saying:-)

    3. Ok, i’m ready:

      So, Tina did wise thing to cancel the wedding, but why she needs a month? Many thing can happen during a month, so maybe she can make her decision a bit early?) And Bette – what status your relationship with Camilla by the way? When you’ll talk with her about stoping “sleeping exercises”?

      Thanks again for the great chapter and, off course, waiting for another updates (and for the other stories too:))

    4. Wow, waited a long time for this update browneyedgirl28!!!!

      It was so worth the wait.

      Glad that Tina dumped that asshole and called of the wedding.

      Meghan is a truly good and also funny friend, Tina is lucky to have her as friend. Loved it when she said that she will fry and eat her shirt as Tina is able to wait a whole month before calling Bette.

      Would love to see updates on your other stories.

      Thank you so much for this update!!!

    5. So glad to see an update from you BEG, I love your stories so much!

      Clap, Clap. Clap….YES! Tina drop that Zero, he was just so selfish and inconsiderate to be tolerated! Plus after that kiss that you and Bette shared that lingered on and on for the both of you…the choice was clear. You both are developing feelings for one another, intense feelings NOT just curiosity!

      Two weeks before the wedding tho Tina, really cutting it close. Bette tell Camilla bye-bye so you and Tina explore a relationship together. Look forward to seeing where you are going to take us with this one! The ONE month count down is….ON!

      Thank you for the update!

    6. Meghan is hands down my favorite character. Her one-liners put me in stitches sometimes. Best line of this chapter has to be “Throw some butterscotches in your purse and get your ass over here Angela Lansbury.” LMFAO! I died.

      But her threatening to tase Eric’s dangling bits and her admission that she would go after Shane added so much needed levity to Tina’s neuroticism about Bette.

      Peggy and her “beef” came in a close second.

      Thanks for posting!

    7. I love all of your L word fanfiction ..
      And it’s been awhile since the last update on this story…Any chance that you will give an update on either of your stories soon (this one, home again, and down to earth)?
      Will wait patiently…and hope you could post something soon .. ????

    8. My dear author,
      Finishing this new story of yours tonight, I’m more than ever addicted to your talent – could you help me with some update, as soon as possible ? Oh but the way to put the charm on through a pseudo and a pc, far across the Ocean… too bad.
      I’ll wait, as patiently as I can, like your Bette here, waiting a long, long, long month for an aswer…
      Thank you SO much for sharing all these highly delightful stories with us !!

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