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    Turmoil pt. 2

    Two weeks later….

    Tina finds herself starting up at the house that she nearly vowed to raise a family in with Eric. She walks up to the door and rings the doorbell, a few moments later she comes face to face with one of her favorite staffers.

    Tina: Hey Jay

    The butler smiles and politely bows.

    Jay: Ms. Kennard, how are you?

    Tina smiles and shrugs.

    Tina: Uh…. you know….

    Jay smiles fondly.

    Jay: I do indeed….

    He then opens the door wider and allows her to come inside.

    Jay: The remainder of your belongings are all packed and ready to go

    Tina:(smiles) Thank you so much for taking care of everything

    Jay: It is part of my job, madam….

    He then smiles fondly once again.

    Jay: But for you? It was my utmost pleasure

    Tina swallows her emotions.

    Tina: Thank you….

    She tries to walk past Jay but is halted.

    Jay: I apologize Ma’am, but I have orders….

    Tina looks at him curiously.

    Tina: Which are?

    Jay: You are not allowed past the doorstep…. he has requested you take your things and leave posthaste

    Tina: Wow….

    Eric: What did you expect to happen?

    Tina looks up and sees Eric standing at the end of the foyer.

    Tina: Well I know we’re not on the best of terms, but when you agreed to let me come and pick up the rest of my things, I didn’t think I would be treated like a common criminal. Thanks for making me wait two fucking weeks by the way.

    Eric shrugs and folds his arms.

    Eric: I needed time, didn’t wanna see you.

    Tina: I offered to come when you were at work

    Eric: Don’t like strangers in the house when I’m not here.

    Tina chuckles and shakes her head.

    Tina: Stranger? Really?

    Eric: Yeah, I have no idea who this person is in front of me because the Tina I thought I knew never would’ve cheated on me.

    Tina: I didn’t cheat on you Eric.

    Eric glares at Tina angrily.

    Eric: So, then there’s no one else?

    Tina opens her mouth but then closes it without speaking.

    Eric: Yeah that’s what I thought……I hope you and whoever this guy is are very happy together.

    Tina: Eric….

    Eric: Get the hell out of my house Tina….

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    1. Hola me encanta esta historia y todas las demas que has subido pero extraño la de abajo a la tierra esa porfis sube un capitulo de esa historia

    2. Ok, so:

      Always like Tibette first time)

      Second – i like storyline about Kit – it’s very different from majority other Tibette fictions and it’s interesting.

      Third – sorry, but Bette needs to move far away from her friends, because i think she needs more privaticy with Tina and don’t needs Alice who try sneak in her flat every morning.

      And the last – i think Eric not done yet?

      Waiting for the next!

    3. This new story is truly endearing…
      I love all these touches you use to paint it, really I do. Like this Pete’s character, a touching one.
      Meghan is a great friend, a little invading but sweet – not the Alice way to invade ;-)
      And, as usually, your Bette is such a charmer !
      I’m more than ever addicted, dear talented author : I place my very best pouting and begging face here ! :-)
      Thank you so, so much for this new gift…

    4. Love, Love. Love this update!
      Tina and Bette FINALLY CONNECTING and admitting their feelings for one another BOTH wanting to be together! Camilla and Eric are two scorned lovers that I think will be back to cause trouble….especially Eric! He is an azzhole and HIS EGO probably can’t take losing Tina to a woman…a fine azz woman like Bette! They travel in the same circles, da high brow crowd, Bette more Artsy and his more Political.

      Meghan is such a good friend, I’m glad Tina has someone like that in her live to get her from overthinking things. Now Alice and this barging in for BACON mess is a lil too much. Always need more BOUNDARIES with Alice!

      The Kit falling back into bad habits and off the wagon with her drinking again is a new twist from most of Bette/Tina fanfics. I think Bette handled it well and tried to explain to Kit that she has seen this bad movie before with her and she is TIRED of watching her make the SAME mistakes. Tough Love is what I see.

      Tina old azz assistant was a hot mess! Old lady go on and enjoy your retirement, Tina was indeed very nice to her. Tracy Kennard (say what????)….HAHAHAHA!

      Love the beginning of a relationship, Bette being Tina’s first time with a woman was so hot! Jill Scott and Maxwell got them to finish line! :)

      Great Update and I feel DRAMA on the other side of this blossoming relationship!
      Your stories are ALWAYS a great read, such wonderful details. THANK YOU.

    5. Hi BEG:

      Great chapter, so far the easy and nice things, now it will probably follow the aftermath of Eric visiting Tina.

      Eric knows Bette and what she does, and he is still after Tina, I don’t think he will let it go easily.

      Another thing is what will happen when Tina’s parents (who are very rich) will learn that her daughter is with a woman, and probably Eric will let them know.

      And about Kit, I hope she knows what she is doing.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter and PPS.


    6. hi Browneyedgirl,
      It’s been awhile since the last update of any of your story. I hope Everything run wells in your life, and you could spend a little time to make a progress On any of your story. I’ll take Any new chapter from Any of your story anytime, Cos I love every story you create. So i wont be too

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