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    The Campaign Office of Tina Kennard

    1789 Main Avenue

    51st Floor

    Hammersmith Building


    New Hampshire

    United States Of America.


    Tina sat behind her impressive desk, her mac pro open, a pen in her hand s she wrote notes on a yellow legal pad, her office door open, listening to the sounds of the campaign office around her. she wanted to as involved as possible. she loved being hands on. That is how she had won the nomination. She looked up as Dani, a young ambition woman, who was helping run her campaign walked into the room,

    “We need to talk,” Dani said

    “About?” Tina put her pen down, she had been working on a speech she was due to give at an event in New York later in the week.

    “Why did you tell us that Bette had an affair?” Dani, looked shocked, she was holding an iPad.

    “Because it’s no one’s business but mine and Bette’s.”

    “Well Michaels’s and his team found out.” Dani was angry. “You should have forewarned us that this could have been thrown at us.”

    “Sit down Dani,” Tina said, she watched as the younger woman sat down.

    “Michaels has got stuff on you and your own team didn’t know.”

    “You’re making it sound like it happened yesterday. It happened seven years ago.”

    “Can the woman come out of the woodwork and sell her story?” Dani asked.

    “Yes, she could, we see her LA when we go out. but I don’t know if she would ever sell her story.”

    “You and Bette are public property. The press will want to find the dirt on you both. You won the nomination and you were a total outsider. The right wing press will go for you”

    “You think I’m not aware of that. Do you think I sit in some tower somewhere and I don’t know what’s going to happen? I mean look, I ran because I’m passionate about a lot of things that this administration has either cut back on, gone back in time or is denying what is happening. I stood for the nomination because I believe we need to make a change on women’s right, on LGBTQ rights, on education, health care and climate change. I’m passionate about these topics and the public know that.”  Tina spoke with passion, “Everyone on this team knows what I’m standing for. The Right wing press and the Republicans are going to personally attack me and my wife. they are going to attack my politics, but we are going to fight this. We are going to stand for what we believe. I’m going to stand and run for President and if they want to bring up old news they can.”

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    1. You included Dani as staff member to help Tina, what a surpise!

      Like it you twist a little with the past from the L Word!

      I think we will hear from the Carpenter soon, she will not stay in the background and will try to sell her story.

      This story is great! Please don’t forget about your other stories!

    2. Wow ….so Tina is forty years old….been with Bette since she was 21. And their breakup 7 years ago was only for a couple of months. Well, I’m impressed.

      Good beginnings…. great concept… keep it going..

        • The US Constitution requires that the President be a natural born citizen and be 35 years old. The youngest President was Teddy Roosevelt who was 42 and inherited the office from the death of James Garfield. The youngest elected was John F. Kennedy who was 43 years old. And Mayor Pete who recently suspended his campaign was 38. The only candidates to have been born outside the United States and its territories was Senator John McCann and Senator Ted Cruz. McCain was born in Panama on the Naval Base hospital. Dad was a Navy officer. Cruz was born in Canada – father was born in Cuba and mother was US born. Congress passed a law that children born to US citizens on US military bases were deemed natural born citizens. No accommodation was made for Cruz. Could have been disqualified.

          So based on Tina’s age and birth place, she qualifies to be President of US.

    3. Hi! I like your story, mostly because for one time roles are twisted, Tina is the leader and Bette’s at her side supporting her.
      And I like the idea of Bette Porter as First Lady, I think she’ll fit very well in that position.
      – Forgive my English, I’m Italian and I do my best ;) –

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