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    Bette walked the length of the gallery, watching as the construction crew put the new beams into place to hang a new of pieces for an up and coming artist. She wanted to make sure this show was perfect as the artist had already had a very successful shows in London, Paris and Milan.

    ​“Is everything looking okay for you Ms Porter?” The female carpenter and head of the construction crew Candice Jewel asked standing at Bette’s side.

    ​“It’s looking good, and the beams will be able to hold the weight of the pieces?” Bette asked, she was dressed in dress pants, and a shirt, her jacket was hanging over the back of her chair in her office.

    ​“Yes, we’ve made sure they are very secure, we understand how important this is.”

    ​“Is this your first art show?” Bette asked, as James had hired the company, she wasn’t sure.

    ​“Yea, we are looking to branch out.”

    ​“Okay,” Bette turned and at the woman beside her who was dressed in a white t-shirt and overalls. “Erm,” Bette shook her head and decided to head back into her office.

    Bette closed the door and walked to her window, looking out onto the streets of LA behind the gallery. Her mind was racing. she shook her head, turning back to her desk she saw the photo of Tina and Xavier smiling back at her. She sat down at her desk. She reached out and touched the frame. She then moved her mouse bring her Mac back to live and started on the emails she had to answer. There was a light knock on the door and James popped his head around.

    ​“You okay Bette?”

    ​“Yeah, why?” Bette asked.

    James came in and gently closed the door.

    ​“You looked rattled on the floor.”

    ​“Rattled?” Bette frowned, that was never a word anyone used to describe her.

    ​“Yeah, is everything okay?”

    ​“I’m fine James, please stop asking.”

    ​“Okay, I’m just concerned.”

    ​“About what?”


    ​“I’m fine,” Bette found herself playing with her wedding ring. Something she rarely did, but right now it was giving her comfort.

    ​“Why did you hire Candice Jewel?” Bette asked

    ​“She’s an all women crew,” James said. “She’s very talented and she was right price for the work.”

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    1. Well, i think it’s would happen anyway – with carpenter or someone else. It’s true to Bette’s character – she and fidelity never was really common
      But now i’m really curious what she would do next. Waiting for it.

    2. I feel really bad for Tina. I feel she is stuck and has no independence. I don’t see how they will be able to recover from this. I would have a problem trusting Bette again. I am still going to continue reading your story because I am interested on how this will play out. Is Bette falling out of love with Tina in your story.

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