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    Unexpected Meeting

    Bette walked into the bar, she looked around the bar, she saw women turned to look at her but she didn’t care much. She spotted her friends and walked over to the corner of the bar where they were.

    “I’m sorry I’m late,” Bette said as she took the bar stool next to Shane who was standing, checking out the women in the bar.

    “Where have you been?” Alice asked picking up her drink which was a very bright green.

    “Working, you know I own a gallery right?”

    “Yeah we all know,” Alice rolled her eyes. They had dated for six weeks and it had been the worst six weeks of Bette’s life it had left her drained. They were much better as friends. Alice knew that Bette had a darker side but they had never shared that.

    Bette turned to the bar and caught the eye of the bar tender. He walked over

    “Yes ma’am,”

    “Club Soda and lime please.”

    “Sure thing.”

    Alice shook her head at her friends but she starting scanning the room again.

    “Are you two expecting someone?” Bette asked,

    “Nope we are scanning for fresh meat,” Alice said,

    “Oh my fucking God,” Bette shook her head as she paid for her drink. Turning on her stool she looks at her friends,

    “What? I need to get laid this week has been shocking,” Alice said, “LA magazine wants an article on how lesbians’ really have sex,”

    “You’re joking?” Shane said, looking at Alice like she had grown at second head,

    “Nope, and that’s how they are pitching it.”

    Bette laughed and looked around, it was then she saw her, a blonde, sat in the corner, looking deep into her drink and not really looking around. Bette picked up her drink and left Shane and Alice debating the article and walked over.

    “May I join you?” Bette asked,

    “Erm, sure?” The blonde’s voice as soft,

    Bette smiled taking the seat next to the blonde,

    “You alone?”

    “Nope, sorry my friend dragged me here, she’s on the pull,”

    “You’re not?”

    “I’m erm…” She shook her head.

    Bette waited but the blonde didn’t finish the sentence it was like she was lost for words.

    “I’m Bette,”

    “Bette Porter?”

    “Yes, should I be worried you know my name,”

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    1. I am very interested in seeing where this journey takes B&T. Just from this first chapter I feel like it is going to be a wild ride. I hope Tina’s so called friend does not try to mess with her head too much because she is jealous that she didn’t get Bette to notice her. I hope to read more very soon.

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