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    Unforeseen Complications

    Bette was panicking; no one had ever been able to read her so well. Sure, her friends – Shane especially – knew she struggled with trust and intimacy, being her neighbor Shane also was privy to the fact that Bette struggled with sleeping through the night. However, they didn’t know of the problems because they sensed them; they knew because they had been friends with Bette during the trauma. Bette didn’t know how to react. Tina, a basic stranger, knew something was wrong by a simple touch and reaction; that scared her, that she was so vulnerable to her already and without trying to be.

    Bette began to fidget anxiously under Tina’s gaze. “Um… I’m not… I… when…”

    Bette was turning heat red, her discomfort palpable. Tears begin to well in her eyes and Tina realizes that pushing her at this moment may not be best. She brings Bette into her arms, softly stroking her hair as she coos, “Shh, it’s okay. I’m sorry B, I didn’t mean to push.”

    Bette pulls back to look into Tina’s eyes. Tina gently brushes a few tears away. “I… I’ve never… talked about it. I don’t think I’m ready.” Fresh tears fall from Bette’s eyes as she continues. “I do trust you; I do Tina. I just… I…”

    “Hey, hey…” Tina cuts in trying to stave off Bette’s panic. She kisses tears away. “I believe you trust me – I can feel it; I can see it in your eyes. You’ll tell me when you’re ready?” Bette nods her head as Tina softly tucks loose curls behind Bette’s ears. “I think that we should get some sleep, and when we get up, I think I’ll be ready to share with you. I want to talk more before Detective Jackson calls this evening.”

    Relief washes over Bette. “Okay, that sounds good.” Bette stands up and helps Tina under the covers, as she gets into bed herself, she timidly asks, “T? Can I hold you while we sleep?”

    Tina smiles. “Mm, I love that!”

    “Love what?” Bette asks slightly confused.

    “When you call me T; it makes me feel special.” Tina whispers.

    “You are special… to me…” Bette looks down as she blushes profusely.

    Tina smiles at Bette’s shyness. “Hold me Baby.”

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