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    Unforeseen Complications

    Bette pulls Tina closer to her placing kisses in her hair. “I feel the same way Baby. I want to be with you too. I’m scared because I’ve never felt this way before either, and I’m scared that…”

    Tina trails off as she becomes emotional. Bette wipes the tears from her eyes as she gently encourages her to continue. “It’s okay Baby, what else scares you?”

    “I’m scared that I won’t be enough for you.”

    Tears rapidly fall down Tina’s face as Bette continues to try to comfort her. “Why on earth wouldn’t you be enough for me? Hm?”

    Tina looks away. “What if… what if I can’t… you know… be intimate because of… what happened. What if I never… want to be? I enjoy, so much, being close to you… being in your arms, but what if I never… want to… have se-sex again?” Tina whispers.

    “Oh, my Baby. That doesn’t matter. I would live the rest of my life celibate if it means getting to spend it with you.” Bette says while lifting Tina’s chin to look in her eyes. “I’ll become adept at masturbation if the sexual frustration becomes too much.” Bette says giggling causing Tina to laugh. As they calm, Bette looks intently in her eyes. “Honestly, sex is the last thing on my mind right now; that’s not what this is about for me. I want YOU; your heart, your mind – your body would just be a bonus.” She says with a wink. “I do think you’ll be ready someday though. Maybe not anytime soon, and that is more than okay; but I think as you work and talk through what happened, and as long as we communicate and I continue to make you feel safe, I think that you’ll be willing to explore that.” Bette softly and tenderly kisses Tina’s lips. “And I’ll be there when you are; I’ll respect your boundaries the way you have respected mine.”

    Tina smiles brightly. “Thank you, Baby.” They kiss ever so softly before Tina pulls back. “Bette?”

    “Yes T?”

    “Will you… be my… girlfriend?” Tina asks hesitantly.

    Bette smiles her mega-watt smile causing Tina to relax. “I thought you’d never ask! I’d love nothing more than to be your girlfriend and for you to be mine. I want to see no other one but you, my sweet T!”

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