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    The Private Residence of Tina Kennard

    Kenter Ranch

    Duke’s Avenue

    Outside of West Sunbury





    Tina walked into the living room and smiled as Bette sat wearing an oversized men’s shirt, her long legs up on the coffee table. Even at 57 this woman was in perfect shape. Tina smiled, she could see that Bette was nursing a glass of wine and looked completely relaxed, it had been a tough working week for her and she wanted Bette to relax  she took in Bette’s sexy legs, her mass of curly hair. The fact the shirt wasn’t fully buttoned up. Tina walked around the table and picked up her own glass of wine before sitting beside Bette.

    “You look more relaxed than when you arrived.” Tina smiled. She’d been on the phone to her publisher when Bette had arrived, Bette had kissed her and disappeared upstairs.

    “This week has been very trying,”

    “I know, that’s why I came back here.” Tina had left on Wednesday because the pressure of being in the White House and the fact the press were at them had made her want to be back home.

    Bette reached out and took Tina’s hand, linking her fingers into it. She had always loved how their hands had fitted so perfectly.

    “You need this calmness, and your amazing shower.” Bette smiled.

    “You love the shower?”

    “Babe, it’s perfect. Takes away those pains in my back”

    “You’re getting back pain,”

    “I was hutched over paperwork all day, I should sit better. We both know that.”

    “You should, you’re not a young woman anymore.”

    “Hey, I’m very young.”

    “You’re 57 years old B,”

    “Please don’t remind me,” Bette laughed. She kissed the back of Tina’s hand. “Are you okay?”

    “I am,”

    “I just worry. When you left Washington, I thought…”

    “No babe, listen to me my mental health needs to remain stable. That means that sometimes I’m going to have to be really selfish and put myself first. This week, us being so outed by the media meant I needed to be away from everything.”

    “I’m the queen of selfish so I’d be overjoyed that you can be selfish. I want you to happy Ti, I want you to feel comfortable. I went into office to change the world but I’ve got to think about you as well now. I want your health and happiness. I love you,”

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