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    She decided to sit beside Tina,

    “Sorry.” Tina whispered. She looked at floor around her legs that was covered in blood.

    “I would ask if you’re okay but I’m guessing from the blood you’re not,”

    “I…” Tina didn’t know how to respond.

    They both heard the front door open and close and suddenly two of Bette’s detail and the doctor walked in.

    Bette didn’t move, she sat on the floor with tina while the doctors took a look at Tina’s wounds, he also looked at her medical.

    “Tina, when was the last time you saw a doctor,”


    “All your medication is out of date, we don’t even makes these pills anymore.”

    “I’ve been doing well.”

    “Until today,”

    Tina nodded.

    “Right, I want you to speak to a mental health nurse, I will find a Presidential approved one. You’re doing okay, but we need to make sure you’re stable okay?”


    “and Tina,”

    “yes Doctor,”

    “I’ve never seen the President sat on the floor in the pool of her partner blood. Please don’t do this again, she’s gonna have bad knees.”

    Tina laughed as the doctor spoke.

    “What made you do this?”

    “I’m unworthy of her.” Tina said slowly.

    “No, you’re not,” the doctor said. “You’re very worthy of her. I’ve never seen her look at anyone like she’s looking at you right now Tina and I’ve been with her since the started the crazy ass journey. You’re doing amazing. I’ve read your medical file and I know you’ve a history of self harm. We are going to get you through this, me, the mental health nurse and President Porter. You’re very loved Tina and when you start to be believe that the pain will be less.”

    “When can she see a mental health nurse?” Bette asked.

    “I will get one now.”

    “I’m not jumping a queue,” Tina said.

    “You’re not,” The doctor said. “As the president’s partner you have to be seen. I’ll phone one now, I also want to dress your legs.”

    “Okay,” Tina’s voice wasn’t strong.

    All this was breaking Bette’s heart. She had never seen such pain and fear in Tina’s eyes. She wanted to take that pain away.

    The doctor got up and pulled out his cell phone.

    Tina looked At Bette.

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