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    “I’m so sorry, I’ve caused you pain.” Tina said

    Bette shook her head. She couldn’t believe that Tina was talking about Bette’s pain.

    “Listen to me. You’re my world Tina Kennard and I’m going to marry you. I’m scared for you right now. I want you to get the best help. I want you to be stable.”

    “I think the pressure of the world knowing about us…”

    “What is it?”

    “I’ve had some abuse on twitter and Instagram. I don’t post much but people have found the accounts.” Tina admitted.

    “And this is why you hurt yourself,”

    “Yes…” Tina dropped her head.

    Bette wrapped her arms around her as the doctor walked back into the bathroom

    “Okay, A rather nice mental health nurse called Jay is on her way. Tina she wants to talk to you, you have to be honest with her. She’s going to advise me what medication to offer you. you have to be honest with her.”

    “Bette…” tina said slowly.

    “Can stay with you if you want. She’s the President we can’t really stop her.”

    “Thank you,” Tina whispered. She hated people fussing and the only thing keeping her sane right now was Bette holding her hand.


    The Private Residence of Tina Kennard

    Kenter Ranch

    Duke’s Avenue

    Outside of West Sunbury




    “Hi Shane,” Bette said, as she watched Tina sleeping beside her.

    “Hey, is she okay?” Shane asked at once. Bette had been texting Shane all day.

    “She’s finally sleeping after taking the new medication. They’ve given her more pills than I thought one person could take. Listening to her Shane fuck.”

    “Is it bad?”

    “She’s so scared. She doesn’t feel good enough for me. Listening to her talk, she hurt herself because of the haters online. Someone told her to kill herself. A nameless, faceless nobody on the fucking internet told my woman to go and kill herself.”

    “Oh God, I’m sorry Bette.”

    “Luckily the wounds on her legs aren’t deep. I’m going to look after her. I want to protect her. I love her. Seeing her today, seeing the pain in her eyes. It broke me a little Shane,”

    “You’ve always worshipped the ground she has walked on.”

    “I can’t protect her like I want too. The internet tolls got into her head. Just because she’s with me.”

    “You’re doing enough Bette, just by being with her.”

    “I know, the doctor said she’s not been taking her medication for years. He is shocked she gets up in the morning. I don’t every want her to feel that pain she’s in, fuck Shane.”

    “I know, just remember I’m always here for you.”

    “Thank you, i better go,”

    “Give Tina a hug from me.”

    “I will,”

    They said their goodbyes and Bette put her phone away before she got into bed beside Tina, opened her eyes.

    “I’m sorry for today,”

    “After reading some of the tweets on your twitter I suddenly understand what’s happened to you. I’ve reported the accounts.”

    “President Porter reports Twitter accounts I like it,”

    “Honey I read some of the vile hatred on there and frankly none of that is true. I love you. I’ve always loved you and I’m going to do my fucking best to protect you and make sure that you have the life we should have always had.”

    Tina nodded she yawned. she was still sleepy. She snuggled into Bette and closed her eyes.

    “I love you,” Tina whispered.

    Bette waited until Tina was asleep and she had her own cry over what had happened today.

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