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    Vacation carries on

    Tina slowly slipped out of bed, making sure she didn’t want to wake Bette. She pulled on a t-shirt and shorts. She softly opened the door, heading down stairs she smiled as she saw the soft lamp on and Kit was sat giving Xavier a feed.

    “Hey,” Tina whispered.

    “Hey why are you up?” Kit asked,

    “I wanted to see him,” Tina smiled softly.

    Kit moved and passed Xavier to his mom. He settled at once and Tina carried on feeding him. She looked at him.

    “I knew one of you would give in.” Kit smiled.

    “I knew it would be me. I miss him,”

    Tina kissed her sons head before winding him. Tina kissed him again and gently rubbed his back

    “There you are,” Bette came down in a tank and baggy yoga pants.

    “Sorry baby, I know you said…”

    “Honey, never say sorry for wanting to see our son.” Bette smiled. “Hey Kit,”

    “Tell you what I’ll make us some sandwiches and some juice,” Kit got up and Bette sat down next to her wife.

    Bette reached out and gently ran her finger along her sons face, he smiled.

    “Hey buddy, looks like mommy and mama couldn’t keep away from you. Even when we are supposed to be taking a break.”

    Tina kissed him and sat him up. Against her just holding him close. Bette put arm around Tina’s should and looked at her son. Smiling as he took her finger of her other hand.

    Kit looked over at the family she smiled softly, they all looked happy. They looked like the loving family they were. She saw Tina totally lost in her son and wife. She saw the Tina they had meet four years ago. Kit smiled. Loving that her sister was so happy.




    Bette sat looking out over the mountains. A glass of wine in her hand, she could hear Tina moving around their bedroom. She smiled at the memory of their early evening with Xavier. She loved that her wife had fully bonded with her son.

    Tina walked out and sat close to her wife, resting her head on Bette’s shoulder. Snuggling into her. Bette wrapped her arms Tina.

    “I loved our time with Xavier today.” Tina said softly. “He changes every day.”

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    1. I love that both Tina and Bette decided to check on Xavier. They are both very loving and protective parents. I did not realize so much time had passed. I suspect more than ever that Alice is just about ready to blow. Four years to obsess. Who is her target? Tina or Bette? Tina seems much stronger. Motherhood turns you into a fierce lioness to be sure. Mess with Xavier at your own peril. This was a very nice chapter.

    2. The purpose of vacations is to get away from routine and the rat race of life and not to get away from those you love. This was a perfect way to do just that. Most parents do not leave leave their children for overnight getaways until the child is able to talk in a sufficient manner to let someone know when things are not right. And then only with a trusted friend or relative who is well known and loved by the child. And still the parent checks in to make sure everything is alright.

      So they will start back to their life on Monday – life will resume and their day to day problems will need to be address as their normal life progresses. Billy is right – the Alice problem has not been resolved only pushed away. I believe that Bette and Tina should have a heart to heart talk with Shane. Shane needs to understand why Alice can no longer be in their lives as long as Alice feels that Bette owes her some kind of allegiance or consideration in her life choices and decision making. And they should make clear that if Shane was aware of this behavior, as a friend she should have made Bette aware of it when it became apparent. It is not Shane’s place to try to stop it, but it is her place as a friend to notify Bette when a behavior became apparent and obsessive and Bette became the object of the obsession.. And Alice’s obsession with Bette is not normal. That is not getting in the middle of things – that’s being a true friend. What relationship Shane choses to maintain with Alice is up to her. But Shane needs to understand that Alice is a clear and present danger to Bette and Tina. And they will take anything Alice does seriously. And any withholding of information on Alice that would help or assist with their defense of their security will not be looked upon benevolently. They need to emphasize that they love Shane and want her in their life and they appreciate all she does for them. But there is a line in which Shane will have to tow. Staying silent about Alice’s plans or actions with respect to Bette or Tina will get her on the wrong side of their friendship.

      Thanks for this lovely chapter…..

      • Absolutely. Shane had known about Alice’s behavior, Not wanting to get in the middle is simply unacceptable as Alice is a dangerous individual. Bette can never allow her near Tina or Xavier or really Kit. Shane confessing that Alice has done this to other women let the proverbial cat out of the bag psycho wise. I’m glad they had this down time but now it’s time to deal with this serious threat. No more excuses Shane. Can you imagine Alice and Shane hanging out? How can that be pleasant in any way?

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