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    Press Article.

    Online New source



    Its that time of the year where government almost shuts down. President Elizabeth Porter, 45 has gone on vacation with her new domestic partner Dr Tina Kennard, 30. The couple have headed to a private island in the Caribbean. The Vacation has been paid for privately by the President.

    The couple will be away for two weeks.

    The President is currently recovering from a fall but was seen walking onto Air Force One at Washington, holding the hand of her Domestic Partner. The President had returned to full duties last week before the shut down for the summer holidays.



    Harrow End Villa

    A Private Island

    Somewhere in the Caribbean


    Bette slowly walked out of the main Villa wearing shorts and tank top that covered her back injuries and her leg injuries completely. Her eyes scanning the beach were she could see Tina running. She knew just out on the coast where the secret service. They felt very alone but she knew they weren’t. Everywhere she went her Detail was with her. She lent herself against the door frame watching as Tina ran. She knew she was fit, it made her happy to see Tina freely running. Her ponytail was bouncing as she ran. Tina turned and started running back towards the house. Bette decided to just stand and watch as Tina ran towards her. she could see that Tina was flushed from the run but not out of breath. Tina stopped in front of her and smiled.

    “Hi,” Tina kissed her softly

    “Hi, did you enjoy that?”

    “Yeah, it was a good run, I got a good pace,”

    “You’re amazing,” Bette smiled as she spoke

    “Says the President.”

    “I can’t run like that anymore,”  There was a sadness in Bette’s eyes as she spoke.

    Tina reached up and gently touched Bette’s face.

    “You can do so much more, just give yourself time.”

    “I can’t even walk without a cane,”

    “Yeah but you can swim a million times better than me,”

    “I don’t hurt as much in water,”

    “Which is where you now get your exercise. That’s good you know,”

    “I do,” Bette turned her head and kissed the palm of Tina’s hand. “You’re so good for me,”

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    1. Keep talking to her, Tina. Make Bette open up and tell you what she fears… sometimes just telling someone what you fear the most helps tremendously. It doesn’t need a response, just needs to be shared. Need to get Bette out of this feeling of being alone… she has Tina now. Bette needs to believe in Tina to share her inner most secrets. it will go far in healing her wounds both physically and emotionally.

      Thanks for the chapter..

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