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    Wake Up Call

    Sunlight creeps into the bedroom, the shine causing Tina to stir. She feels the sweet soreness in her body and her mind drifts back. Flashes of Bette’s lithe body writhing beneath her and beside her, images of the lust and love filled brown orbs seared on her mind. She glances to the nightstand to take in the time – 5:13 AM – indicating she only had 3 hours of sleep and would need to wake her Beloved in 77 minutes.

    Pale fingers lightly glide over the caramel arm wrapped firmly around her stomach holding her tightly to the woman behind her – the sheet lightly rests across their waist. With slow ease, Tina shifts and turns until she’s facing the brunette.  An unconscious smile forms on her face as she takes in the beauty before her. Lightly, she traces the contours of Bette’s face before placing a light kiss and lick to Bette’s lips. Bette moans in response to the touch, automatically darting her tongue out to lick her own lips. She shifts until she’s lying on her back – her left arm still under Tina’s body – but she does not wake.

    Desire ignites in Tina as her body registers more and more the nakedness shared between the two women. Leaning up on her right elbow, she reaches over to Bette’s right breast with her left hand – tracing the soft globe before rolling the nipple between her forefinger and thumb. Bette stirs slightly from the pressure, sighing in relief. Tina looks to her face and sees she still hasn’t awakened. While continuing to manipulate her breast with her fingers, she leans down to the other – using the tip of her tongue – she traces large circles around the outer most edge of the areola, making tighter circles the closer she gets to the swollen nipple before sucking it into her mouth.

    The beautiful brunette squirms under the blonde’s ministrations not fully waking until her lover begins to nip lightly at the erect nub. “UHHH… T…” She groans while bringing her left hand to Tina’s head and pulling her even further into her breast.

    Tina smiles and moans at the rising passion. She releases Bette’s nipple with an audible pop before pushing the sheet off, so they’re completely uncovered. After quickly scanning her Beloved’s body she swings her leg over Bette’s hip so she’s straddling her waist. Sitting up astride her lover she looks down shyly. “Morning Baby.”

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    1. Our girls are progressing as a loving and considerate couple. Glad that Bette is having it out with Alice and impressed that Tina is also going to deal with Alice but on her own terms. My guess is Alice has a crush on Bette but not sure. Also glad that Bette has opened herself up and allowed Tina to see her scars. Have always worried that Candace would show up and wonder how she has not found Bette. Tina is getting stronger and can deal with her. Enjoying your story very much.

      • I love their progress! We will definitely get to the bottom of what’s going on with Alice in the next chapter. Bette has made a lot of progress, but we’ll find that she hasn’t yet made as much as Tina.

        …your worry about Candace may not be misplaced…

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    2. Elizabeth
      Lovely chapter. Love them together and know they can handle whatever Candice throws at them. I love reading about waking up in the morning together, so sweet and sexy. Clearly they are in a good place. Thanks

    3. . . . . What a wonderful promise Tina speaks to Bette as she kisses Bette’s scars. Alice will really have to bring it if she gets crossways with Tina. Da girl aint gonna take no more attacks against Bette in any form. Loooove fiesty, alpha Tina!!!!

      Admire how Bette is keeping in mind Tina’s discomfort with being pressed down, but yet challenging her to intimacy in their physical relationship (sit on my face Tina).

      Fun, sexy story, keep goin’!

      • Ain’t that the truth… but somehow I think Alice will keep pushing…

        I love their openness with each other. Respecting boundaries while still pushing each other, so good!

        Thanks for reading! :-)

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