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    Walk On By—Chapter 1

    Bette’s POV

    Standing here on my balcony outside my penthouse, I take in the beautiful New York skyline in the distance. I close my eyes as I feel a slight breeze caress my face and go through my hair and I feel it leave just as quick as it came. I sigh as I open my eyes and take a sip of my wine that I slowly set back down on the rail of the balcony. ’What a difference a year makes’ I think aloud  to myself as I think about the day I left L.A and my life there to take the Director job here at The Whitney. I couldn’t bear to stay and watch Tina and our daughter Angelica be a family with Henry and Mikey. Although Tina and I made amends before I left it was just too hard. I only interact with her now for the sake of Angelica and I’m grateful that Alice and Kit take turns bringing Angie to stay and visit me and I don’t have to see Tina.  It just reminds me of what I have lost. Tina does call to keep me updated on Angie and now that Angie can talk she will get on the phone often. But my conversations with Tina never go beyond discussing Angie. Although the only time we did was me telling her I had met an amazing woman and we were dating now. Jodi has been my rock and my lifeline now for 7 months.  I do love her and I can see myself having a life with her. Tina was happy for me but she didn’t seem to want to talk anymore about it and she doesn’t even ask about her except when Angie came back signing and she called me asking what that was about. I told her Jodi was deaf and we had been teaching Angie to sign. After that Tina didn’t ask about Jodi or wanted to know.  I guess that’s for the best. I don’t want to know about her relationship with Henry as long as Angie is taken care of.  That’s all that matters and Henry has been good to her. I try to hate him but I can’t.

    I am taken from my thoughts as I hear my cell phone ring. I grab my glass of wine and sit down as I pick up my phone and see the package Alice sent that I meant to open earlier…I look at the caller ID and I see it’s Tina. My heart starts beating rapidly seeing she is calling so late and I’m worried something has happened to Angie.

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    1. Thank you for writing. I must confess that this story literally made my heart hurt. I love Bette and Tina so very much as a couple – probably now more than ever – and while I can handle all sorts of drama – having them with other people – especially this nightmarish pairing off is just too painful for words. A story featuring both Jodi and Henry? It’s a really bad acid flashback. My skin is beginning to crawl. No. No. No. Life is just too short.

        • I pretty much figured that was the plan. But I was so struck by my visceral reaction. That is a real credit to your writing. Isn’t it interesting how fanfiction has only increased our loyalty towards Tibette? We love them more now than ever. I read this immediately after listening to LuH on the Pants pod cast and I realized here we go again. Bette and Tina apart on season 2 of GQ. Yes, I will definitely read your story! Thanks for the reply.

          • That is very true! And it was senseless to break them up like that..It could have been written that Tina was off on location and had Laurel do the occasional appearances. It just didn’t make sense to break them up when they went through all of that in the first series to get back together. I’m hoping Marja-Lewis Ryan will right her wrongs!

            And thanks for sticking with me!

    2. Hi stargaze,

      What great that you are reposting this story, i have read it before and i am glad you will finish it this time.

      I agree with Billy’s comment and what you both said after that.

      Hope you will post soon again!

    3. This is a great beginning. I can’t imagine the Jodi of TLW actually living with Bette full time. This Jodi must be slightly different…. but it still seems strange.

      And as for Henry? It not stereotypical for a man to want the formal wedding and the bride want to elope. That seems strange to me. But I am presuming that in her heart, Tina does not want to marry Henry.

      This meeting of Bette and Tina was awkward to say the least. It appears that neither of them have resolved in their own minds the relationship for the two of them is over. Maybe because its not over.

      Thanks for the story….. Oh and as far as Gen Q goes? I don’t believe that Marja-Lewis Ryan has any intention of seeing a Tibette in her story. The only thing that she is interested in is drama and a sound, long lasting, loving relationships are not conducive to drama. At the end of the season, not one person or couple were in a relationship with didn’t appear to be falling apart and destined for disaster in the very near future. Nothing would please me more that to see Tina and Bette reunite, but I do not see Ryan allowing that to happen.

      • Thanks for the comment Martha3128!

        I do agree with a lot of what you said and to be honest I know personally a few men that preferred a wedding. Not that it matters but my point was to show that Tina is stressed and Henry does desire the whole shebang

        And Jodi is not living with Bette in this story. She did come over there to hear what Bette had to say and obviously has a key..Sorry I should have made that more clear in the story!

        But thanks for reading!

    4. I am completely with Billy and Bibi and their comments.
      I am happy to have Dana back in the story, letting her die was the biggest mistake in the original show when to have had her recover with the love and help of her friends would have given out a positive message.
      I’ll stay with the story but please have regard to my sore Tibette heart .
      Stay safe and well

    5. Hi. I, too remember this story. I’m glad you brought it back. I agree with everyone that this is hard to read ,but knowing you are a TiBette fan makes it ok. I’ll stick it out because I really love the writing.

    6. This story is stressing me out. It makes my heart hurt. Question…how can Tina not forgive Bette for cheating when she did the same? It’s hypocritical.

      Even though my hearts bleeds, thank you for the story.

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