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    Walk On By—Chapter 2

    Tina’s POV

    I walk back inside the planet making my way to Kit’s office. I had to leave Bette at that moment because it was all I could do to not pull her into my arms. Seeing her again was like drinking water. Refreshing yet nourishing at the same time.  I have missed her so much. Even though our relationship crumbled, not having her in my life has been hard and now it seems so awkward between us and I don’t want that. Not for Angie.  I need to push past my fears and try. I glance at Alice and Dana as I pass by them who are laughing at something Carmen said. If they can move past all the hurt and pain from their relationship so can Bette and I. And I know they both still love each other but they are making their friendship work. It is not out of the possibility for us to do the same. I sigh as I enter Kit’s office to see Angie playing with the toy set Kit got her. Jodi notices Kit looking my way and turns to see me and smiles

    “She loves hammering the blocks together. She could become a good sculptor one day”

    Jodi says as I watch Angie put a block on top of a another block and take her plastic hammer to lock the two pieces together

    “Yes baby girl is talented” Kit replies and looks at me

    “Have you mentioned to Bette about the Arts school?”

    And just then I hear her beautiful voice again behind me

    “What Arts school?” Bette says as I turn to see her standing right behind me with her eyebrow raised.

    “The one at Chadwick you were pushing for Angie to go to”

    “The one where you said you wouldn’t let my overachieving psycho dysfunction stress out our kid before she was 3 years old?” she folds her arms and I sigh remembering that argument

    “Yeah. Well I think you may be right. I was going to discuss this with you when you got here anyway. The deadline to enroll is October 20 for January”

    “What changed your mind?” Bette asks softly and walks past me to kneel down beside Jodi to help Angie with a block

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    1. Hi stargaze,

      I am willing to go through the darkness before we get to the light!

      Very good that Tina went to Dan and he was able to see the pattern Tina followed for a long time. And she saw it herself. A first step for her to think carefully whether this is something she wants to break through. She has already admitted that she is not in love with Henry and I sincerely hope that after some serious thought she will call off marriage to him, Henry deserves a woman who loves him unconditionally and not someone who loves him because the life they have together is so comfortable and give Tina her so needed save and acceptabel family life. And she can’t marry him out of a sense of duty because he will be hurt if she breaks up with him.

      Henry is away for a week, that is a lot of time for Tina to do some soul searching.

      It’s terrible that Bette and Tina never got to do family and fun outings with Angie because Tina couldn’t forgive Bette completely. Now Bette does that together with Jodi and Angie, really sad.

      I want to hate Jodi so badly, but this Jodi is just too nice.

      Poor Helena, i didn’t like her at all in the OG, she was doing better at the end of the show but i would like it if Bette is able to get her out of the hands of Catherine, that woman is a bitch and just like Jenny deserve a hard slap on the face and to be kicked out of this planet. Jenny is one crazy lunatic bitch who thinks she is the best thing that was put on Earth.

      Good chapter, i hope you will post soon again!

    2. this perspective is going to fill in some blanks that were not explored in TLW, especially when it coes to Jodi & Henry. They have affection for their current partners, but arent in love with them.

      looking 4ward to the maturing of our favorite ladies as they will come face to face with the Master Instructor called ToughLove

    3. This is an interesting take on the aftermath of the Tina/Bette break up after Angie was born. The fact that Tina become enamored enough with Henry to agree to marry him. She encouraged Bette to go to New York where she meets Jodi. But Jodi is keeping secrets from Bette. I wonder why? Has she got a dual purpose in accompanying Bette to LA – one to keep an eye on Bette and two, to reconnect with her own past? And it seems like a strange time for Henry to schedule a week out of town when he is two weeks away from his wedding. And when his finance’ suggest that they elope to avoid all the hassles of a big wedding, he does not see that there is trouble brewing? So his reaction is to do nothing? Does not sound like he’s in love either.

      As for Helena… she seems like a captured servant to Catherine. Helena seems ready to escape Catherine’s clutches. Let’s see if she ask Bette for the help she needs.

      This is an interesting take on that entire time period. I really want to see more…. Thanks for the update.

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