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    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    “The reaction to your engagement has been mostly positive,” Clara said, looking at her notes.

    “Mostly,” Bette said, as she looked up from the notes she was making,

    “Well I am sure you saw Rosemary’s comment,”

    “She’s bitter. I can’t keep letting them get to me or Tina.” Bette was determined to not let them get to her now. She wanted her relationship with Tina to work.

    “Would you like us to comment?”

    “On Rosemary’s comments?” Bette asked,

    “Yes, look Ma’am I understand Victoria meant a lot to you but she has been gone for two years. You’ve been lucky to find love again. We cannot allow them to carry on making these comments.”

    Bette wanted to laugh.

    “They are always going to have comments on what I do. They lost their only child.  They will never like that I’ve moved on.”

    “Would you like to make any comment?”

    “I might make a personal comment,”

    “Okay, can I do anything else for you?” Clara asked,

    “No thank you Clara,”

    Clara left and Bette made some notes on the report she was reading when James walked in.

    “I need your autograph please,” James said,

    “You need to stop selling them on Ebay,” Bette said good naturally,

    “If I sold these documents on Ebay I’d be in prison,” James smiled as he put them down in front of her and Bette signed what she had to sign.

    “Tina called when you were in your meeting,”

    “Is she okay?” Bette asked,

    “Yeah just letting you know she’s going to be late, she’s signing some documents to sell her apartment,”

    “Yeah, she said she was going to pack the last of her stuff up. I wish she’d let me hire someone,”

    “Have you got yourself an independent woman?”

    “Yeah, she’s remarkable.” Bette smiled.

    “You’re very smitten,”

    “You know James, if you go around telling people I’m a softly because I know that’s what‘s coming next I will make you go and work for the VP,”

    “Please not that,” He said holding his hands up in defeat.

    “Careful,” Bette laughed. She finished signing the documents and passed them back, “Can you let me know when Tina returns,”

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    1. Tina is rather young to be having health problems. She is in good physical shape, exercises regularly, a reasonable diet and rest. Perhaps a trip to San Diego will give them some more alone time and will allow Bette to further heal from the trauma of the bombing. Question is will Jeff and Rosemary be there as well? Bette should have made that a condition of her acceptance: No Jeff or Rosemary at the events she was at. Bette could also insist that her participation be very limited. That she wanted to express her support to the families of those who were killed and injured but that she did not want to have a lot of publicity on her participation in the memorial. Remember, she too is a victim of the bombing.

      Thanks for the update.

      • Tina is young but I figure she may be stressed bc of having been attacked (at work) MORE than once. I think she had mentioned it to Bette (I’ll see if I an find chptr & verse).

        I don’t think its been revealed what emotional and psyche wounds she’s trying to overcome (see chapt 8, pgs 3&4). Besides “counselling” others and being TRULY effective means having to fully invest.

        My sneaky suspicion is that since she achieved undergraduate, graduate, and opened a medical practice at such a young age AND is jaw-dropping GORGEOUS, she has had more-than-a-few suitors and “mutha fckrs” try to capture her attention and/or take advantage of nurturing attributes.

        Could be way off with my “suspicions”, so we’ll where UK takes us

    2. Sorry to hear that Tina is not well. She did have a traumatic attack that required that she be transfused. Maybe with love and time she will be okay. I fear a reprisal attack as they have published the location and time of Bette’s arrival. Hope they are safe.

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