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    Tina was nervous, they had just landed in Washington and were heading towards the hotel. She knew she had to get through tomorrow afternoon and then they could return home and so sort of normality. She turned and looked at Xavier, who she had insisted on coming with them, he was sleeping soundly in the back seat holding his teddy bear.

    “He did really well on the flight,” Tina remarked,

    “Yeah only cried when we landed think his ears must have popped then,”

    “I think the cabin crew took a shine to him,” Tina smiled

    “Well who wouldn’t, I mean he is a handsome boy.”

    “That is he.”

    “is the piece in place?”

    “Yes, Michelle sent me a photo this morning, it looks so good, I’m very proud of it,”

    Michelle was the creator the White House was using and had managed to keep Tina very calm but not demanding she was there for little details, they had spent a lot of time on the phone and face timing to get it perfect but she had coped with Tina’s needs very well.

    “Good, wish you’d let me see it,”

    “I want you to see it at the same time s the rest of the world. You don’t get to jump the queue Porter,” Tina smiled.

    “I wouldn’t dream of it,” Bette thought for a moment, “Tomorrow night is normal dress right?”

    “Yes, I’ve got dress pants, a long jacket and collarless shirt, with a vest,”

    “You will look perfect as always.”

    “You maybe a little bias Bette,”

    “I am,”

    “Well, what will be my wife be wearing?”

    “That would be telling,”

    “You know you’re allowed to know right?”

    “Yes, I’ve got a little black number for you,”

    “Don’t give the President a heart attack Bette,”

    “Why not?” Bette laughed.

    Tina grinned at her wife, she loved that they had these moments together. Tina had found the last couple of week since getting the commission hard, she had seen her doctor, as well as her nurse and with Bette’s every glowing support she knew she could get through this. She didn’t want the stress of this. What was scaring her was the media. She had become very poplar very quickly with the main stream media and she had even hired a top Public Relations team that specialised in artist. Bette had recommend them as they had worked with her before. They had done a great job at keeping the press at bay but tomorrow Tina knew she had to face them.

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    1. Yes, love the story so keep the chapters rolling. I wish Tina could find better management of her panic attacks. Having experienced how debilitating they are personally for several years they can completely overwhelm you. With lots of therapy, medication, and behavioral management I now enjoy long periods of time where I do not experience them. So happy she has her family and good medical care to help her through this.

    2. Well, Tina got through the White House show pretty good….. wish there was something she could do the make it easier on both Bette and herself. However, the more she sells, the more the public will demand to see her at events like this. So, she is going to face this problem more often than she would like.

      She needs to talk to her doctor and counselors about this. Too many of these type night could put her into a full fledged panic attack or severe breakdown as she had before. That would not be good for anyone….

      Bette is being very supportive and doing what’s best for Tina. Getting her out of that reception was must. Getting her clam down at the hotel was a must. Now let’s see if they can do in the future…

      Thanks for the chapter…. love to see more…

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