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    Tina walked around the suite in the hotel getting ready for the gala. She knew that once today was over she could head home and right now that’s all she wanted to do. She picked up her jacket and smiled as the bathroom door opened and her wife walked out. She looked stunning, her wife was wearing a black and purple dress that fitted perfectly to her shapely body and revealed her amazing arms.

    “Wow,” Tina said grinning at her wife, “You look stunning,”

    “Thank you baby, you look great too,” Tina slipped her jacket on. Xavier would be staying with Louise one of the nurses that they had at home.

    They walked out into the living area where Xavier and Louise were playing happily. Bette picked up her purse and before kissing her son, she reached out and took her wife’s hand’s hand and could feel that Tina was shaking tonight was not going to be easy on Tina, she knew she had to be there for her wife and support her through this.




    The ball room of the White House was busy, guests, media, The President and First Lady filling the room, Bette stood looking at her wife’s piece for a few minutes when it had been revealed. It was a mixture of blues and silver showing moonlight in water done in Tina’s very unique way. The piece was drawing a lot of attention, unlike the artist who had produced it. Tina had spoken to the President, given the media about half an hour and now, as Bette looked around she saw her wife holding a glass of water and watching the room. Bette picked up a glass of champagne and walked over to her wife.

    “How are you feeling?”

    “My stomach is churning.” Tina admitted.

    “You’ve done well today,” Bette praised her wife.

    “I am really not made for this,”

    “Your piece is getting the most attention,”

    “I…” Tina stopped she couldn’t cope, she was shaking slight. Bette put her drink down and took her wife’s glass before she dropped it. She could see that Tina needed to be away from the situation. Bette looked around. Seeing that she could leave, she knew that normarlly people didn’t leave before the President but she knew that her wife wasn’t coping very well.

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    1. Yes, love the story so keep the chapters rolling. I wish Tina could find better management of her panic attacks. Having experienced how debilitating they are personally for several years they can completely overwhelm you. With lots of therapy, medication, and behavioral management I now enjoy long periods of time where I do not experience them. So happy she has her family and good medical care to help her through this.

    2. Well, Tina got through the White House show pretty good….. wish there was something she could do the make it easier on both Bette and herself. However, the more she sells, the more the public will demand to see her at events like this. So, she is going to face this problem more often than she would like.

      She needs to talk to her doctor and counselors about this. Too many of these type night could put her into a full fledged panic attack or severe breakdown as she had before. That would not be good for anyone….

      Bette is being very supportive and doing what’s best for Tina. Getting her out of that reception was must. Getting her clam down at the hotel was a must. Now let’s see if they can do in the future…

      Thanks for the chapter…. love to see more…

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