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    “Breath baby,” Bette said.

    Tina slowly took deep breaths using the breathing excuses her doctor had given her. Bette managed to get Michelle’s attention.

    “Hi Michelle,”

    “Hi Bette,”

    “I need to get Tina out of her,”


    “Trust me she can’t be here, she’s going to have a massive panic attack or worse.”

    “I understand, erm, give me two minutes.” Michelle walked off.

    Bette made sure the press could see how pale her wife was, Tina was completely overwhelmed. Tina looked into Bette’s eyes and Bette could see how scared she was. Michelle walked over.

    “Follow me,”

    Bette took her wife’s and they managed to slip out of the room unseen.  A car was wating for them outside,

    “Thank you Michelle,”

    “Its fine, The president loves the piece, as do the press, I’m sure more work will come Tina’s way,”

    Bette nodded and got her wife into the car before getting in next to her. Knowing they would be going back to the hotel, as the car pulled out of the white House grounds and Tina sat.

    Tina’s mind was racing, she hadn’t enjoyed that. She loved that her work was at the White House but being that on display hurt her. She didn’t understand why she hated it so much. She had always just wanted a quiet life.

    They pulled up outside the hotel and Bette took her wife up to the suite. She made sure that Xavier was fine before following Tina into the bedroom, Tina removed her jacket and sat on the edge of the bed and cried. She was that overwhelmed. Bette softly closed the door, making sure Louise and Xavier didn’t hear what was happening.

    Bette wrapped her arm around her wife.

    “I’m sorry, I’ve let you down,” Tina said

    “What? No you haven’t, you’ve done amazingly. I’m sorry, I should have known you wouldn’t be up for this,”

    “I chose to do it, God…” Tina cried softly,

    It broke Bette’s heart to see her wife like this. Today should have been her proudest moment in her professional life but she was suffering.

    “I’m proud of you, I love you,”

    “I love you too.” Tina held onto her wife.

    Tina was having mixed feelings but right now she was just glad she was with her wife.

    “What can I do for you, right now?”

    “Junk food, a bath, and my meds would be good,”

    “You know I can make that all happen, why don’t you put comfortable clothes on, I will change, find out what food is best here, and you can hug our son,”

    Tina smiled. Little things that made her life a little bit perfect. She wanted to go home. She got up and changed into a tee-shirt and baggy cargos before going out and seeing her son. Who was overjoyed to see her. Her heart stopped racing and she felt relaxed again, she smiled sadly when Bette walked in wearing jeans and shirt,

    “I’ve ordered us take out.”

    “Sounds good, I’ve told Louise she can got and explore, “ Tina said

    “That’s fine, how are you feeling?”

    “Slowly getting calmer. I’m sorry we had to leave,”

    “It’s okay, in the two hours we were there I spoke to some people, got some numbers and offered a show to another artist there so it’s all good.”

    Tina smiled,

    “Always the business woman,”

    “Of course,” Bette laughed as Xavier climbed onto his mother. “Do you need your meds?”

    “I will need to eat first, I’ve more than likely ruined my career,”

    “You haven’t,”


    “Michelle called,”


    “Expect more business,” Was all that Bette was going to say.

    Tina nodded. Before kissing her son, glad that she was relaxing. She didn’t really understand the reaction she had had.

    “We will be home tomorrow,” Bette said softly.

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    1. Yes, love the story so keep the chapters rolling. I wish Tina could find better management of her panic attacks. Having experienced how debilitating they are personally for several years they can completely overwhelm you. With lots of therapy, medication, and behavioral management I now enjoy long periods of time where I do not experience them. So happy she has her family and good medical care to help her through this.

    2. Well, Tina got through the White House show pretty good….. wish there was something she could do the make it easier on both Bette and herself. However, the more she sells, the more the public will demand to see her at events like this. So, she is going to face this problem more often than she would like.

      She needs to talk to her doctor and counselors about this. Too many of these type night could put her into a full fledged panic attack or severe breakdown as she had before. That would not be good for anyone….

      Bette is being very supportive and doing what’s best for Tina. Getting her out of that reception was must. Getting her clam down at the hotel was a must. Now let’s see if they can do in the future…

      Thanks for the chapter…. love to see more…

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