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    Tina woke gasping for breath. It had been a while since one of her nightmares had haunted her, she was physically shaking. She slowly got out of bed, not wanting to wake Bette. She moved slowly into the nursey and looked at Xavier. He was sleeping peacefully. She slowly reached out and touched him.

    “I’m not worthy of you,” Tina said softly. “I don’t deserve you or Bette in my life. I am scared I’m going to fail you. I can’t be the best for you. I’m sorry little man you’re better off without me.” Tina turned and gently closed the door to the nursey.

    She went into the walk into closet and dressed in baggy trousers and a t-shirt. She picked up her car keys. Leaving her phone and purse in the bedroom. She walked out of the house, softly closing the door. She got into the car, started the engine and drove away from the house.




    Bette woke to Xavier crying. She looked over and saw the bed beside her was empty. She reached out and noticed the bed was cold. She frowned before she got up and went to her son.

    “Hey baby boy, where is your mommy?” Bette picked him up and his cries become whimpers and she moved down stairs, noticing the house locked up. She walked around. Opening the French doors she walked out and saw the studio wasn’t even open. She was panicking but she knew she had to remain calm while she had Xavier in her arms. He needed feeding.

    She walked back into the house

    “Tina, where are you baby?” Bette walked around the house, checking all the rooms. She couldn’t find her, she walked back upstairs and saw that her phone and purse were still there. She looked out of the window and saw that the gates to the ranch were open and Tina’s car was gone. Bette walked back down stairs and checked again, Tina was gone.

    Bette called the police

    “911 whats the nature of your emergency?”

    “My wife has gone missing, she’s left everything and her car is gone.”

    “Calm down ma’am, how long as she been gone?”

    “I don’t know, I woke up when our son was crying. She’s gone. She’s left everything…she’s gone.” Bette felt tears of her own. She answered the questions as the lady asked her. She was scared. This wasn’t like Tina. The operator took all their details and told her the police would be out. Bette feed Xavier and then called Shane

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    1. What a heart wrenching chapter! It left me with anxiety for Tina, who is obviously hurting,; Bette hurting mentally and poor Xavier has no idea. I hope the police take Tina and Bette gets her the help she needs. Tina is worthy of a good life and Bette has her work cut out for her. Good thing Bette and Tina have a great support system in Shane and Alice.

      Please post another soon!

    2. I knew something was wrong per my previous chapter comments. Could be a combination of Tina’s insecurities and the stress of the premature delivery and post partum depression. Thank God she did not take Xavier with her and the baby is safe. Shane will be there for Bette as Tina may go off the grid for a while. She clearly needs major professional help. I’m not sure their marriage can withstand this because there is now a baby in the mix. And Tina walked out. Bette will have to be sure Tina is truly okay before Xavier is safe with her again yet Tina is the birth mother. Fixing this will take a lot of time. Tina has abandoned her baby. Very serious. This is so beyond walking out on Bette. Have to be honest – not liking this story at all right now. I get that Tina is mentally ill but bringing a premature infant into the story is tough to handle.

      • Hi Billy. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry you are not enjoying the story right now. This is a hard story to write as well as to read and I understand that. As some who who suffers from mental illness I want to show that people can live with it once you get the correct help. I hope you stay with the story but I will understand if you do not wish to. Thank you for your support.

        • You absolutely do have my support. I respect your writing endeavors. Our life experiences are always on the surface. I know this. With me it is the fact that I gave birth to a premature son who almost died and was very sick for several years. And to be candid it destroyed my first marriage. So just as you want to show that individuals can live with mental illness I need you to understand that writing Xavier’s prematurity into your story is a very huge trigger for me.

          • Hi Billy. Thank you for sharing that with me. I totally understand it’s a trigger and I am sorry about your first marriage. I hope your baby is doing well now and that you have found happiness. I am a little defensive because I wasn’t sure I was even going to write this story as it’s been a very slow burn to tina’s mental break. I am sorry for triggering you. I never meant to do that. And thank you for the support on my work. I sometimes forget people actually want to read my work

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