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    Bette rolled up the selves of as the casual shirt she was wearing, which was tucked into a pair of long slung Levi’s. Tina watched her from the counter where she was cutting up fruit, a slow.

    “Are you watching me?” Bette asked, as she started to put some bottles of beer she had bought for their friends into the fridge.

    “Yes,” Tina nodded as she spoke. “I rather like what I see,”

    Bette grinned. As she finished what she was doing, and ran her hand along her stomach which now had a slight bump.

    “I’m glad,” Bette grinned.

    Xavier crawled around in his play area that Tina had decided. It was full of colour and toys with a special kid friendly fence around it to ensure he was safe.

    “Are you okay babe?”

    “Yea, I’m okay,” Bette said smiling as she opened a bottle of water. She took a long drink out of it.


    “Just a little warm Ti,” Bette smiled.

    “Maybe get changed then,”

    “The girls are coming,”

    “So, if you’re warm put lighter clothes on. Babe it’s about your comfort level. They are going to want to be in the pool anyway so won’t be wearing a lot anyways. Please just go and put on lighter clothes.”  Tina just gave her wife a look.

    Bette knew not to mess with the look. She shook her head put her bottle of water down and headed upstairs.





    The garden was filled with laugher and chatter. Tina was sat off to one side, just in hearing distance of what was going on, but she didn’t have to join in. Bette was in the middle of a debate with Alice about something or other. Shane walked over and sat next to Tina.

    “How you doing?” Shane asked as she took a drink from her bottle of beer.

    “I’m good,  you?” Tina asked, her eyes still locked on Bette who was laughing.

    “I’m good,” Shane nodded.

    “I’ve started a new set of painting, now I’ve finished with Peggie’s commission,”

    “I saw a print of one of yours in a hair salon in New York the other week,”

    “I don’t know where the prints go,”

    “You have a man for that now,” Shane laughed as she spoke

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    1. Nice little chapter…. Xavier is already beginning to talk…. that is rather advanced for his age. Is he even walking yet? Oh well, kids to grow quickly… Nice to see Bette and Tina progressing along.

      Thanks for the update…

    2. Liked this chapter. Did not seem like filler to me at all. Love a pregnant Bette. Baby Porter. Hope they have a girl. No wait, twins. A boy and a girl. Thanks for keeping the couple happily together. Nice job.

    3. Thanks for this chapter.

      I appreciate how hard it is for Tina, but I like seeing how she makes the effort for Bette to be with her friends .And I always enjoy Tina and Shane’s friendship.

      My favorite line – “Bette knew not to mess with the look”

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