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    Welcome to Las Vegas.

    Tina had not got them a hotel room like she had done with the girls, she had gone them a rooftop apartment. Bette stood looking around with her mouth open. she hadn’t expected Tina to spend much money as it seem like money was very unimportant too her but she had gone all out of this wedding and it was starting to show

    “This is for us?” Bette asked looking at Tina who was smiling as she opened a bottle of wine.

    “Yes, Bette this is for us.”

    “How much have you spent?”

    “For once in my life that doesn’t matter. We are going to enjoy this, we are getting married. I just want it to be perfect,”

    “It’s already perfect you’re marrying me,” Bette wrapped her arms around her woman and kissed her. “Will you let me pay for any of this?”

    “No, the sale of two pieces will pay for this weekend, so don’t worry. I want to do this for us,”

    “You really want to do this?”

    “I do,” Tina smiled, “Give me this please,”

    “It’s all yours baby, I can’t wait to be married too you.” Bette said softly, before she took Tina into her arms and kissed her. “You’ve done this, you’re making this happen.”

    “You’ve done so much for me, I mean you love me, you gave me my first show, which has not lead to my second show and there is a third in the works. You’ve shown me that life is wonderful. I know this isn’t the wedding you want…”

    “Babe, we’re getting married at the Grand Canyon, how could that not be amazing? I know how much you love being outside, I know you hate being in the city and I know that this is perfect for you and us,” Bette smiled.

    Tina moved, and opened the doors onto the roof top garden, she walked out and looked out over Las Vegas which was very different from LA.

    “This time tomorrow we will be married,” Tina smiled.

    “What do you want to do about our last names?” Bette asked as she walked up behind Tina and wrapped her arms around her and rested her head onto her shoulder.

    “That’s up for you,” Tina said, rubbing her fingers along Bette’s hand.

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