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    Welcome to MoKa

    Tina stood in the middle of the first floor space she had filled, she was smiling as she looked around and saw all her art was in place, including a piece that she had kept a secret from Bette, the pencil drawing of a woman masturbating. It had took her a while to get right but it was a small framed piece at the back of the gallery. Tina turned and saw that Bette was looking at it,

    Tina walked over.

    “It’s okay it’s not for sale, we are just showing it.” Tina said softly.

    “Is it you?” Bette asked, her voice a low whisper as she knew that the press were doing the rounds of the room, a lot of art critics she knew were there.

    “Yes, erm, there is a photograph too, I will share it with you at some point, Moka know not to sell it.”

    “I love it,”

    “Good, I’m going to put it in our room at home,”

    “It will look good next to the drawing you did of me,”

    “I know.” Tina smiled.

    “Fucking hell Tina look at you,” Tina turned and laughed when she saw Shane, Alice, Tasha, Helena, Dana and Lara all standing there.

    “Oh my god, you’re all here.”

    “Of course we are,” Alice said, “We need to support you, plus New York City baby,”

    Tina laughed.

    “Tina this show is amazing,” Helena said looking around, “Some of the pieces are remarkable, I love ‘anger in me,’”

    Tina smiled that piece had been painted after Shane’s birthday party. She had felt a lot of rage and had painted in a number of shades of red.

    “I was very angry.” Tina said

    “Yea at me,” Bette laughed as she slipped her arm around Tina. Tina was nervous about tonight because she knew the art world were watching. She had done an interview with a New York art magazine and they had mentioned that Tina was the hottest young artist at the moment and this had put her on her toes.

    “Have any pieces sold yet?” Alice asked looking around as the waiter arrived with drinks and each of the LA gang took one.

    “Yeah, about half have sold, we are doing well on prints. Jonathan the manager here is keeping me informed. I may have to pay someone to do all this soon,” Tina shook her head.

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    1. Another wonderful chapter. And the gang is all here in New York as well. Another successful show and a side trip to Las Vegas and then to the Grand Canyon. All because of Tina. She really loves Bette with all of heart. And Bette love Tina. She has been willing to change her entire life to be with Tina. Bette has made these decisions on her own and not at the request of Tina. I am happy that Tina is in the art world as Bette is. I am truly happy for this couple.

      Thanks for this lovely chapter. Can’t wait to hear about the wedding….

    2. So proud of Tina. But I admit to having trouble picturing her setting up all of this. She is close with Shane. I bet Shane helped her. To step out of her comfort zone to set up this surprise for Bette is lovely. Cannot wait for a Grand Canyon wedding!!

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