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    Welcome to Seattle

    Tina looked out of the window of the taxi as they made their way through the city.  She’d never been to Seattle, she knew that Bette was looking at opening another gallery here, but this weekend wasn’t about the gallery, it was about her birthday. Bette had planned the whole thing and Tina didn’t have clue what it would involve.

    Bette reached over and gently ran her fingers along Tina’s leg,

    “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, this city is amazing.”

    “You’ve never been here?” Bette asked,

    “No,” Tina smiled, “Lovely way to spend my birthday weekend.”

    “I am going to spoil you,”

    “You always spoil me,” Tina replied. Grinning.

    Bette smiled, as the taxi pulled up outside the luxury five star hotel with had a lovely view of the bay. She wanted the best for her wife. A young man in a suit came down the steps of the hotel and opened the car door and opened it, Bette got out and reached to help Tina out. the taxi driver opened his trunk and took out the bags as Bette paid him and gave him a tip. Tina looked around as Bette took her hand and they walked up the steps into the lobby. Tina’s mouth dropped open at the grandness of it all.

    Bette grinned. She walked over to the desk.

    “Good morning and welcome to The Grand, are you checking in?” The smartly dressed man behind the desk asked.

    “We are, I’m Bette Porter,”

    The man typed her name into the computer, smiling as the details loaded.

    “The penthouse suite with full 360 views,” He turned and picked up two key cards and activated them, “Sam will take your bags up to your room, you will need to use that private elevator over there, you put your room key card in and it will take you directly to your room. only you and the staff will have access, within the room are full room service menus as well as a fully stoked wine fridge as you are all inclusive please help your self and the food is also a part of the all-inclusive, Please can I just take your card,”

    Bette passed the man her debit card and smiled at Tina who was looking around,

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