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    Welcome to the BAU, Babe

    Quantico, VA. October 27, 2009- Tuesday Evening

    Bette followed Tina into one of the large buildings that was surrounded by…well, other large buildings. Walking through the clear front doors, she was greeted by a mass of agents walking around. Looking down, she sees the FBI seal plastered on the carpet that stretches throughout the lobby.

    Heading towards the elevator, an attractive dark man spots Tina. “Hey you. I heard you were bringing a guest.” The man looked at Bette and held out his hand with a smile. “Will.”

    Bette widened her eyes and looked at Tina who smiled lightly at her.

    “Bette, this is my partner, Will. Will, you know Bette.”

    Bette shook the man’s hand and noticed the way he was smiling at Tina.

    “Here is your coffee,” Will handed the cup to the blonde. He turned to look at Bette. “I didn’t know what you drink so I just got you the same as Kenny. Hope you don’t mind.”

    “No…Thank you,” Bette smiled at him, but she was slightly unnerved that he knew Tina’s coffee choice. And the fact that he just brought her one without him asking. And…Kenny?

    “Anytime,” Will smiled at her. Hearing the ding from the elevator, he headed inside and looked at the blonde. “You know what’s up?”

    “Nah…” Tina shook her head. “AJ just called and said to meet her here.”

    “Same,” he nodded in agreement. “Still sore?” He asked.

    Furrowing her brows, Bette looked at Tina, confused.

    Tina smiled at Will and slapped him on the shoulder. “I’ll have you know after a nice hot shower, I felt better.”

    Smiling down. “Alright, partner,” Will winked. He looked at Bette and knew she was confused. “Tina used to weightlift before she went out to L.A. and it seems like she didn’t keep at it.”

    “Ahhh…” Bette muttered and looked at Tina. The elevator dinged again, and they walked out to see Benny waiting at the door.

    “Hello there,” Benny said. “Where is my coffee?”

    “You don’t get one, pretty boy,” Will answered and walked past him to head to the bathroom.

    “You know that’s rude of you,” Benny replied, looking over his shoulder. He turned to look at Bette and Tina. “Rob told me to give this to you to sign,” he said as he handed some papers to Bette.

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    1. A second helping, thank you

      I absolutely love Tina in work mode and hope Bette will be too.

      Cracking Story, really enjoying it and look forward to the next gripping Chapter!

      Thanks again for posting (twice!).


    2. ok. i have to comment after being a silent reader for a few chapters. as with each chapter posted, this is a great story. criminal minds being one of the very few shows on my speed dial with great storytelling and great plot themes. body dumping in Edgewood, New Mexico. can’t get more remote than that.right off of the old route 66…used to live out there. mountains in the distance, Albuquerque far enough away to make you feel like you are outside of the middle of nowhere. let your imagination roam and it can give you a really creepy feeling.

      your story is second on my speed dial…since the first chapter. somehow, some way, i feel this is all being set up towards tina meeting up with the “one” who is back. can’t help but feel the recent body dumps are connecting back to her and her past. something feels very disconnected yet connected to tina in all of this. maybe it’s that taunting inchworm slowly pacing itself towards her surrounding her and her family.

      or does the hyper-paranoid part of me say, its someone who is working with her. one of her own has gone off the deep end and is taunting those at BAU. perhaps looking within rather than out of the circle…that would be scary when tina or bette figure out all this is happening from within their group and it always has been one of the group. is it someone who is familiar to her and closer to her than she thinks? someone who is able to step outside of themselves yet remain within and part of the group?

      this story is very well written and so visual. the sort of story that one cannot stop reading until the chapter has ended. thanks for taking the time to share with us and can’t wait to read more evolving episodes of SSA Kennard.

      • You have extremely good plot lines lined up for this story and they are absolutely entertaining to think of as the possibilities are endless. I had not even thought about someone from her group being a part of her past. So far, at least for the cases, I’m going through some of my favorite episodes of criminal minds to try and find a good story line that I could somehow incorporate into the story.
        I credit the ones I use at the end. If you don’t want a slight spoiler for the next chapter, don’t go on Netflix and look up the episode ;)

        I do have a plot-line set up for Tina… And the plot line is not necessarily stemming from criminal minds. This one is a combination that I created from all different sources.

        The someone is watching and waiting… He knows she is back.
        The real question is when will he strike?

    3. This is a very intriguing story and am enjoying it a lot. Thanks for writing it. I know Bette feels like an outsider as she has not worked with a cohesive work group like this. I was in the military so I can relate. Can’t wait for more chapters.

    4. I love this story!!!

      I never watched Crinimal Minds but loved to watch CSI and Lie to Me.

      Tina is really another person as SSA Kennard. It is very intersting to see her work.

      Thanks for the second chapter!

      • You should take a glance at it, particularly seasons 4-6 (my personal favorites because of the particular group). It will definitely help you picture the new characters since I based them off of the characters from the show.

        I love that you love this story :)


    5. I am normally a silent reader and very rarely comment but i absolutely love this story, you are a great writer and Criminal Minds is one of my favourite shows too so I really relate to the characters. Thank you very much for keeping me and loads of over like minded readers entertained. I eagerly await your next chapter xx

      • I’m glad you decided to comment because I love reading new ones.

        Criminal Minds basically deserves all the credit when it comes to the case plot-lines that will be scattered throughout this story…okay maybe not ALL the cases ;) I try to change them a bit in terms of having Tina there, Bette now there, but the information and some of the lines are basically straight from the show.

        I’m glad that you can relate to the characters! I try to make them as real as I possibly can since I know some people don’t know the characters from Criminal Minds.

        Thank you for the review! Keep a lookout for the next chapter dropping sometime this week (possibly Friday).


    6. Really good story !

      Is Bette ready for the new Tina ? Is their relationship strong enough to face the changes in their lives ? I guess I’ll have to wait and see ;-)

      Can’t wait for more, PPS

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