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    What did Jenny See?

    School Gym…

    A few days later, Bette and Tina are sitting in the bleachers among other parents waiting patiently for the coaches of the girls’ field hockey team to make their appearance.

    Tina: I can’t believe I actually let you talk me into this…. it’s a bad idea I can feel it.

    Bette: T you need to calm down she’s gonna be fine.

    Tina: Of all the sports…. I’m going to the first practice.

    Bette: No, you’re not.

    Tina looks at her wife and raises her brows.

    Tina: Watch me

    Bette: Tina you’re not going to practice. First of all, parents aren’t allowed and second of all can you imagine the embarrassment? How would you have felt if your parents bulldozed their way into your practice and stood over your checkerboard?

    Bette snorts in laughter and Tina narrows her eyes at her amused wife.

    Tina: You just loooove to make fun of my checker background, don’t you?

    Bette:(laughs) Well I’m sorry I just never heard of a Checkers league before I met you baby….

    Tina nudges her wife and then starts to laugh a little herself.

    Tina: It’s a thing

    Bette: Well obviously. I mean you got a nickname out of it and everything.

    Tina: Shut up. You know I’m sensitive about that name.

    Bette wraps her arm around Tina’s hips and leans in to whisper in her ear.

    Bette: That’s alright, you’re chubby in all the right places now, baby…

    Tina smiles and rubs her nose against Bette’s.

    Tina: Oh yeah

    Bette: Absolutely, later tonight I’m gonna point’em out to you…

    Tina laughs and playfully nudges Bette away.

    Tina: Don’t try to butter me up now after dogging out my Checkerboard. You’re just jealous that you can’t beat me.

    Bette:  Well, unfortunately, I was too busy playing forward for a winning team in high school, so I didn’t really have time for checkers.

    Tina: The Checkers League wasn’t in high school it was middle school. Get your facts straight.

    Bette smiles and holds her hands up.

    Bette: I’m sorry of course you moved on to bigger and better things in high school……what was it? Patty Cakes Tournaments……duck, duck goose Association?

    Tina tries but fails not to laugh at her silly wife but fails.

    Tina: I really dislike you sometimes.

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    1. So great to read a update on this story! Thank you!

      Jenny is such a bitch, she should thank who ever that Bette didn’t slap her to another universe.

      I feel sorry for Michelle, how did they manage to lose their house, you would say that with hers, Zoe’s salary and Bette’s 2000,00 child support, there is more than enough income to pay the bills. Has she or Zoe a gambling addiction?

      I love the banter between the gang

      This story always manage to make me laugh. It is funny, some drama and lots of love!

      Thank you browneyedgirl28!!!

    2. That DAMN Jenny, just off da Greyhound Bus trying to start some Shyt! Love. Love. LOVE the way the Fems defended Bette and Tina relationship and came over to confront Bette, they had Tina’s back tho! It was really cute…Tiana trying to get her “flirt and sexy” on with her text messages to Bette. Old Nosy Azz Jenny, Bette should have slapped her azz!

      Alice being Alice, a driving schedule for 90 miles…SMH.

      Michelle and Zoe losing their home…oh my. Poor Mickey, this will definitely effect him.

      Thank you for the update! Enjoy all your stories.

    3. Loved the update and Bette should have thrown jenny through the door of the club just for the satisfaction. jenny will learn not to mess with Bette someday but, it had better be quickly, otherwise she will be toast and should be. jenny is bats–t crazy, Bette will make mincemeat out of her.. The update was fantastic, loved how the girls were prepared to protect Tina if need be. Thanks for posting.

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