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    Whatever starts in chaos ends in chaos – ten years ago

    Bette and Tina had suffered many a disappointment throughout the years, but when they stood at the Trailways Bus station waiting for the young mother of the baby they were adopting to get off the bus from Nevada to then realize that she’d never gotten on, it was akin to the hopelessness of losing their first child to miscarriage. They’d renovated their home to make room for a baby. They arranged for Marci to come stay with them for two months so that their son would be born in California instead of her home state where same sex couple adoption was not legalized.


    The night before, Bette and Tina were laughing and dancing and competing against their friends in a dance-off at the Hit club, which hosted a two-day fund-raiser to benefit LGBTQ youth. While they were amidst it, Bette was able to forget her troubles and just be in the moment. In the early morning hours once the dance competition was over, and everyone was bleary-eyed from lack of sleep Bette was confronted with a reality that she could no longer retreat from. The gravity of keeping a secret from Tina was taking hold. She suggested that they relax in Kit’s office for the couple of hours before making the drive to the bus station to pick up Marci.

    She needed to tell Tina something that had happened weeks earlier, something she’d forgotten about and didn’t think was important until Jenny Schecter approached her when she arrived at the club and asked if she’d confessed to Tina about cheating with Kelly Wentworth. Bette’s initial reaction was shock and then she got angry. She told Jenny that nothing happened between her and Kelly, and whatever Jenny thought she witnessed was misinterpreted. However, Jenny wasn’t easily swayed. She told Bette that she knew that she was trying to be a good person but had obviously failed Tina and if Bette didn’t confess, Jenny felt it her duty to tell Tina what she saw. Bette attempted to tell Tina while they were dancing, but then Alice kept interrupting, so Bette ended up not saying anything. She spent the rest of the evening trying to keep their distance from Jenny who was taunting her every time they made eye contact and mouthing ‘have you told her yet?’.

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    1. Hi BAT2012,

      I am still devasted about the divorce and every time i read or see about episode 7 my 💔💔💔 breaks and it haunts my dreams.

      For the time being i skip this story. Sorry, because you are a amazing writer!

        • I am so sorry but i really have a disturbed sleep after reading about GenQ and Tibette.

          I work night shifts these weeks and need my sleep. Have to work two and a half ours more and it is slow in work so when i saw the notification i wanted to read it. But i am really not able to read anything about GenQ.

          Maybe you can update your other story? I love that one.

    2. My problem just now is that I am really not in the mood for reading about problems in Tibette’s relationship.
      I hated the way The L Word original ended and didn’t like Generation Q so I will stick with this Story, for now and see where it goes.
      The situation in the World just now really cries out for Escapisum!
      Thanks for posting as always

      • SG. I hear you. Thanks for reading and sticking to the story, I do intend to bring it to happier times. Just trying to put some context in my own head for how they could have gone astray so I can bring them back. However I do relate that it is sometimes hard to read. I will be mindful of that in future chapters.

        Hope you are doing well. Take care.

    3. Okay…. this certainly explains how Shane got her millions. That was one of things that I couldn’t figure out. It never occurred to me that Jenny might leave her royalties from her books and film rights to Shane. I guess Alice got short changed because Jenny had no cash at the time of her death. All of her assets where non-liquid (rights of intellectual properties, real estate, etc)

      This film supports that possibly Jenny was a suicide. No autopsy to prove otherwise. You would think that the coroner would do a possible external body examination for injuries which would explain why she was in the pool. And that they would do a simple blood test for alcohol and drug content. These would be enough to determine if foul play was involved. If there were not injuries on the body then without a autopsy would be the only means of determining natural causes – stroke, heart attack, blood cloth, aneurysm, etc. . But the most definitive piece of evidence is the preparation of a visual reading of the will which was done within a couple of weeks of the death. It was done after the thief of the film. That was within a month of Jenny’s death.

      Thank goodness the will reading did not talk about the Kelly situation. That situation was just wrong in so many levels. That truly was chaos. If anything could go wrong, did.

      This chapter was painful to me. Painful in that Bette and Tina were still in a weak state that they did not trust each other. Bette could not trust Tina with the truth about Kelly. And Tina could not trust Bette to behave appropriately without threats of removing her child from her life. But on the other hand, I still have faith that these weaknesses could and would be over come with more communication and more intimacy and more reliance of one on the other. And there is always therapy – couples therapy. (as in your other stories)..

      Tina’s insistence of no nannies is a very difficult stand with two parents working and having the resources to afford such. In most societies those who have very little resources and in which both parents have to work to provide food and shelter such as farmers, shop keepers, etc, , they have nannies usually in the form of grandparents and extended family. or even close neighbors. A nanny is just the paid equivalent. It just a matter of finding the right person or persons who is trustworthy and shares the same values and of course keeping involved in your child’s life as much as possible. A good nanny is never a substitute for a parent, but an assistant to the parent particularly when the parent has other obligations. Having a nanny or sitters or tutors is not necessarily an abdication of one’s parental responsibilities. As long as the parent remains engaged in their child’s life and nurturing, then a nanny can save one’s sanity. Neither Bette nor Tina would allow that.

      Thank you for this chapter…..look forward to more.

      • Hey Martha,

        As always I enjoy reading your observations and insights. I do have one correction at least in my story, Jenny did have liquid assets. She was paid $500K for the treatment idea that she stole from Alice and sold, so that’s why she left $25oK to Alice and the admittance that she plagiarized the story which was left in writing and notarized. I don’t know how legal that is, but in my fantasy story Alice can use that admission to cut a deal with the people that bought the story and maybe get hired to write the screenplay or be a consultant on the movie or whatever. Her story line in the way I plan to write it will lead to her having her own network talk show and Jenny’s gift of $250K might help her to have her dream.

        As for the timeline of Jenny filming her bequests and her death was after she stole the Lez Girls negatives, but as I noted in my author notes I don’t know the timeline and like the LWord they were never clear about any timelines so I don’t feel committed to the sequence of events or how much time passed.

        I wrote Jenny not having an autopsy due to her family’s faith and their beliefs so that is why her body was shipped and buried so quickly. It wasn’t to overlook any evidence of foul play because in my story it was an accident and there was no need to spend time with an investigation or leaving the possibility that it was a murder or suicide. In my head she tripped on her puppy Sounder who was out walking around the pool at the time of her death. Even though she was engaged to Tim who was a swim coach she never learned how to swim. She drowned because she didn’t have a life raft like the time they floated off into the pacific ocean or a skirt that converted into a floatie like the time she was on that cruise and she jumped in the pool :-)

        The Kelly situation was one of those WTF moments when you wonder why they would introduce a new character to come between Bette and Tina just when they fought so hard to get back together. I read somewhere that Jennifer Beals just wanted to have her good friends on the show so that’s how we ended up with Jodi and Kelly because they are buds in real-life. I couldn’t stand either one of those characters so if that’s the only reason they got the roles it explains why they were so unnecessary to the storyline. But I digress. What was really ridiculous is that Bette never told Tina about Kelly and after the incident Kelly never made another appearance on the show so we don’t even know if Bette ever confronted her about spreading rumors that something happened between them that didn’t.

        That gives me the chaos I need to write how Bette and Tina could have fallen apart very early in the relationship because in fact they were not even close to being solid as a couple, and adopting a baby when they barely parented Angie was another ridiculous waste of air-time.

        Lastly, Tina isn’t against Nannies. She just doesn’t want that to become their lifestyle of being absent parents, especially when Bette told her that she supported her taking the job in New York and that she would be the primary parent while Tina built her career. If they live in NYC it would be inevitable that they would need help with Angie, especially when they don’t have Alice, Kit or Shane in their support system like they would if they stayed in Los Angeles.

        Hope I covered all the points you brought up. I will be working on the next chapters. Unfortunately because I am trying to stick with the GenQ storyline including the divorce and Tina’s engagement getting past those heartbreaking moments is going to be painful but once we get through them I can start writing my own future for them.

        I’m curious if this pandemic will last through the summer or whatever time they would normally be filming season 2 because I imagine they may not get the show on the air at all. On the positive side if they are delayed in filming the show runners have more time to hire talented writers that can fix the mess they made of season 1. GenQ.

        Please stay safe.

        • The reason I say Jenny had no cash was that 1) Once fired from the movie, her pay check was gone. I assume she is fired for cause 2) She spent a wad of money on Shane’s photograph studio – lease or purchase, equipment, chemicals etc.. That could have taken $100,000 plus lease cost. 3) she gave $25,000 at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Benefit 3) She produce that video for Bette and Tina which had to cost some bucks for software, shipping cost, computer equipment, DVD imprinting. That could easily have been $10,000 or more 4) Just incidental living expenses which we do not know about . All total could have eaten 50% of the $500,000

          As far as the time line. I think that Season 6 began with the scene of the night of Jenny’s death. Then the caption across the screen was “6 months prior”. The dance marathon appeared to me to be within the same month as Jenny’s death. But who knows….

          As to my theory on Jenny’s death? She had a repeat of those fainting spells she had in season 1. She fainted twice which she said was low blood sugar but she never got checked out. It seems that she fainted under stress – once when she saw Tim playing pool with Marina and getting rather close together and then again when Robin told her that Marina had tried to commit suicide. And the night of the party was stressful – earlier in the day, the final truth reveal between Helena and Dylan which caused them to break up again, trying to complete the video, then the confrontation with Kit, then the confrontation with Bette. And that is just what we know about. What we don’t know about was why couldn’t Tina find her when looking for her? Where did she just disappear to? She wasn’t in the pool because someone would have seen her. And why the hell was Niki Steven hiding in shrubbery? What was that about? If they needed her to be a suspect, have her show up and be at the party. And then all those confessions and personal revelations at the police studio? Really what did that have to do with anything? It was already announced that it was the final season!!! Should have just ended with Season 5.

          I am under the impression that Bette and Tina’s relationship was stronger after the Season 5 reconciliation that it ever had been. They were communicating more. Paying attention to each other more. Dealing with Angie better. They had acknowledged their own culpability in their prior breakups. Tina did several times. And Bette did multiple times. Yes, Tina is and has always held the cards in the relationship. Tina has also a tendency to be right all the time and demand her way or the highway. How long did it take Tina to even talk to Bette about the baby before she declared that Bette was her other mother – three months maybe four? How many months after Candace did it take Tina to talk to Bette period – two months and then through lawyers? And when Bette told her to go out and decide how she felt about men, they never did give Bette an answer she just went for Josh then Henry. I find her refusal to give Bette her life changing decision the epitome of control and manipulation.

          Oh…the season where Bette splits with Tina the 2nd time and Bette goes on her retreat to meditate and Dana’s death. That was the season that Jennifer Beals was pregnant with her daughter. Bette is filmed carrying Angie, sitting in bed with covers drawn up, behind a table, in the back of the group, in a heavy coat or cloak , or in a tight face shot, all because she is pregnant. This was a season Tina gets more show time, than Bette.

          Thanks for responding…. you take care as well.

    4. Wow, never occurred to me about a will, but yes she wold have had some dough for sure. Hated the Kelly storyline for the TLW but it made sense that Kelly’s behavior would cause Bette so much angst. TLW always made big assumptions and jumps, Tibette would be early in their reconciliation and I always thought it odd that they would go straight to trying to adopt.

      I look forward to seeing how you weave through the mess and set things on course for an appropriate reconciliation of our girls.

      • Hi SuperK you are right on point. Jenny had money because Lez Girls wasn’t the only story that she sold. If I remember early in the show she sold another novel and we know in season 6 she sold the treatment for $500K. She also either bought or leased the photo studio for Shane. I don’t recall if Tim ever actually sold her the house they lived in, but I’m making the assumption in my story that she owned it. Leaving these assets to Shane plus her life insurance seemed plausible and a way to explain Shane being a millionaire as fantastic as that is.

        As I mentioned in my comment to Martha, I think the whole adoption storyline was a waste of valuable air-time especially when they didn’t succeed. Just like Bette running for Mayor for an entire season to end up losing and unemployed at the end. Instead she could have been in a position of fighting the good fight against opiods, and youth homelessness, and LGBTQ rights and end making a significant difference and honoring her sister.

        I think Kelly was only added because they needed to give Bette’s character a motive to kill her since they anticipated the mystery of who killed Jenny Schecter was going to sell, except no one bought it.

        However the angst, the lying and the distrust makes it believable that Bette and Tina could easily fall apart again if they didn’t invest in their relationship. With moving to NY, Tina getting another job, acclimating Angie to a new environment, and managing the gallery between two coasts how much time do you think they had to work on getting stronger and dealing with their issues?

        I’ll do my best to get through the mess and bring them back to each other as they are meant to be. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    5. BAT, thanks for filling in the blanks left from the previous series and now with Q. I like that Jenny( I never got that girl) repented for all her misdeeds to each of her “friends”. It is a plausible explanation that she left her movie rights and property to Shane. Why if Bette is such a strong alpha, she let Tina manipulate her insecurities? Tina used her passive aggressive nature to make Bette pay for indiscretion, right? No trust from either of them. Anyway, I know you will bring them home safely at the end of this story and that is all that matters. Thank you for providing entertainment and deep thought during these trying times. PPS

      • Hi majicspider60

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It’s interesting because as crazy as Jenny acted in the last couple of seasons I think her actions were just to put her in a position where everyone wanted her dead so they could dramatize the whole who killed Jenny BS. But if you look at her through a different lens she was actually playing a important part in forcing the other characters to be honest with themselves and to deal with their issues. Shane’s inability to commit, Bette’s deceptive nature, Tina’s exploitative ways, Alice’s disloyalty. That’s why I didn’t create the video that she made at the reading of her will as a suicide video, it was more of she set out also deal with her own issues, but she had a premonition that she might not complete her journey before she died so she made the video with the intent to destroy it if everything had come to pass.

        As for Bette, I don’t think she was ever truly an Alpha. It was all part of the facade/identity that she created for herself early in life and got away with most of her adult like until she met Tina. There was no doubt Tina was stronger, and she saw how weak Bette was and she knew how to manipulate her. She said it herself I think it was season 5 when they took Angie to the doctor and they were sitting in the car, and Bette was upset about reading the temperature on the thermometer wrong. Tina told her that one of the things she loved about her was how strong she appeared to the world but Tina knew that inside she was afraid, insecure, fearful in other words weaker than she pretended to be. When things were good between them, the characteristic brought out the caring, mothering nature in Tina but when things went bad it brought out the ruthless Tina that could destroy her.

        I also think that after Bette cheated, Tina had the ammunition (Bette’s betrayal and her guilt) to control her. Also being with Candace and Jodi broke any spirit Bette had and when she came back to Tina she was a whimpering mess. Add her love for Angie and that she had no legal rights to the child Tina held all the cards. Bette failed her when she cheated. Tina was vengeful and justified all the sh*t she pulled by blaming Bette’s actions and not taking any responsibility especially in how she used and then threw away Josh, Henry, Kate, Helena and even Alice to get her revenge.

        I honestly believe in Bette and Tina like everyone else I always want them to be together so I focus on their good qualities but if you ever truly examine them in the way the show changed their original personas between season 1 premier and as early as season 3 they could easily have turned into a toxic unhealthy relationship that wasn’t good for either of them. I blame that on the writers not the characters and I think that’s how we can plausibly write happy endings no matter what they have to go through to get there.

        Hopefully this will continue to be entertaining, Take care of yourself, and stay safe.

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