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    Where is She – Part I

    Shane pulls the emotional blonde into her arms before pulling away.

    ”It’s not your fault either Tina. She knew you wanted to be here, and if the roles were reversed you would have extended the same compassionate flexibility about her lateness that she did you. You couldn’t have known Candace would be here. You were anxious about Alice, but there’s no way you, or I, or anyone could have foreseen this. Alice betrayed us all Tina. This lays at her feet.”

    ”I just want to find her Shane – we need to find her. She’s probably so lost… hurt… scared. Now Shane, we need to find her now.”

    Just then, Alice and Candace enter the office. Alice speaks – confidently.

    ”Why am I not surprised that Porter ran. She always runs when the truth is being revealed.”

    Tina’s eyes turn black. Dropping her phone, she charges Alice, grabbing her by the neck and throwing her up against the wall. She pins her there by continuing her vice grip on her throat, Alice sputtering and gasping for breath. Candace folds her arms smirking.

    ”Well, I guess if Bette says she’s being abused by her girlfriend, then this time it will actually be true.”

    Tina releases her hold on Alice, causing her to fall to the floor hyperventilating. Tina whips around and moves to the carpenter in two quick steps before punching her full force in the face. Candace stumbles back at the blow and when she looks up the cut under her eye from Tina’s ring is visible and bleeding. Shane pulls Tina back to try to de-escalate the situation.

    “I know you’re bubbling over with rage, but now is not the time Tina. Bette’s only be gone for – at most – 15 minutes. We need to find her.”

    “You’re right – lets split up – you look at The Planet and I’ll go to the house. I’m going to keep calling Bette and you should call Kit.”

    Tina and Shane move toward the back exit when Alice begins speaking again.

    “You know Tina, when I met Bette, she wouldn’t give me the time of day. She went around fucking any woman who looked her way and she deemed worthy before tossing them aside, but she never even looked twice at me – I wasn’t worthy. Well guess what, I’m attractive and I am worthy – I would have helped her, supported her, and treated her right – but Bette needs to feel worshipped. She’s so narcissistic. She ran today not only because the truth has finally come to light, but because she’s jealous that Candace can see what she couldn’t – I’m desirable!”

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    1. How can you stop there?I just knew Alice had a thing for Bette and was jealous and resentful of Bette’s love for Tina. She always talked too much about Bette and sex. Maybe there is proof of the abuse in the safe. A gun? Cash? Her will? Clearly Bette’s escape items but she has not been home. For Bette to have left her opening she must have been beyond terrified. And not thinking clearly. They should have filled James in so he could handle the opening event. I hope James just knows something is very wrong and is handling things alone so the gallery does not suffer and Bette’s reputation and livelihood are not also hurt. She has worked so hard. That would be adding insult to injury. Glad that Tina and Shane are working together. Tina is a force to be reckoned with. Add Kate and you have a great trio to find Bette and then kick some butt. Impressive. Even without Kate I’m sure they will find Bette but how much damage will have been done? My heart breaks for Bette. To have her menacing abuser return and with her now former best friend as an ally. Alice and Candace deserve each other. Alice is a spiteful blathering idiot and Candace is a psychopath. I now pronounce you stuck together for life! Alice will soon get a very rude awakening and Candace will never stop. Only one way out for this monster.

    2. How can you leave us hanging!!!! What a total stupid bitch is Alice!!! I didn’t like her and your Alice reminds me why. So because of Bette not bedding her, she faked to be a best friend and hooked up with that psycho Candace to let Bette see she is worth and desirable to woman??? And she totally fell for that psycho and believed her and now trying to destroy Bette! I so hate her!!! Applaus for Tina!!! She isn’t a woman to mess with, she has grown and her love for Bette and Bette’s love for her made her strong and confident. Nice punch to Candyass face. But where is Bette and what is in the safe? And i agree 💯 with what Billy said!

    3. What’s in the safe? My bets is the deed to property in the mountains – a cabin where cell phone don’t work. It will be 2 or 3 hour drive away. Three days where no one knows where she is….that’s a long time. We will see how good Tina and Shane are as detectives. Tina needs to eat…you cannot think clearly without food, hydration and sleep. My bets are that Tina hasn’t slept for that time either.

      Find Bette soon and pull her together. The sooner the better. Where ever she is, she is in a safe place. If Tina can’t find her, Candace can’t either. And whatever you do, do not leave that box or it contents in the house when you leave. Take it to be stored at Kit’s or in a safety deposit box. Remember, Candace is a carpenter and she will notice a loose floor board. For other properties, I would have looked for property tax records or insurance policies. Wonder if Bette has been in touch with her therapist?

      Get Part II of this chapter out soon….the anxiety is killing me…. Thank you for this…

    4. Whooo doggie! What’s in the safe??? Bette was explaining to Tina how she escaped Candice in NY, she said that she had a safe with SocSec card, passport, some cash, Trust documents, stuff like that. I wonder if she also had some pictures of the abuse.

      I also found in re-reading some chapters that Bette’s therapist was Foxworthy. Perhaps Bette has contacted him??? Would he know of a place where Bette would go for safety? I’m with Martha3128 that Bette has a place in the mtns.

      We were right about Alice feeling like the rejected woman, thus teaming with Candice in hopes of destroying Bette emotionally.

      Tina & Shane need to contact Detective Kate and explain. Perhaps they can trace the GPS data from Bette’s vehicle.

      • I agree with you and Martha. Hopefully something in the safe to help find her. Make sure they are not being followed. I really hope she has some proof in the safe but not sure what that will be. Once Candace’s plan is blown apart she with want nothing to do with Alice. Since Tina wants her scalp and Shane close to the same Alice is history. May be charged with aiding Candace if Kate can get her arrested and charged. Criminal menacing at a minimum. Big question is Bette did not feel safe enough to go home and get her things or call Tina. Why is she not reaching out to Tina? Disposable phone, She is probably with Foxworthy or her hideout.

        • Disposable phones are a must!! Gosh I hope Tina & Shane get their shit 2gether and realize that they have to make sure they’re NOT being followed. U Know Candyass & Alicebutt will be watching those two. Perhaps Kate can spare an officer to shadow Tina until Tina can talk with Bette.

          Then Kate, Bette, Tina & Shane need a plan that can be leaked to Alice to send her on a fishing expedition leaving Can to be trapped.

    5. Wow, what is in the safe? I can’t believe Bette left for her safe house, mountain cabin maybe, without going to the house and gathering her hidden stash! Maybe she has what she needs to survive wherever her safe house is located. As for Alice, what a poor excuse for a friend. To be wined, dined and deceived by the person that abused someone she supposedly cared about is just inconceivable to me. Candace is a psychopath and there is no understanding of someone that disturbed. That is not that I excuse her behavior, she needs to be locked away! Please post again soon. I have checked this site first thing in the morning and a couple of times during the day awaiting your next post. Can’t wait to read it!

    6. I knew it! Alice was in love with Bette and because she only saw her as a friend she would leave her in a horrible situation. Then bring the abuse back to her on one of the most important days of her life. I am so glad Tina ripped into both of them. I hope she and Shane find her soon. PPS

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