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    Where is She – Part II

    “I trust your judgment Tina; I want to keep Bette safe too – she’s been through enough. I’ll go call Kit, and I’ll call a cab to take us to the car rental. That way, it looks like we’re both still home. Let’s keep a light or two on before we leave too, but close up the curtains so no one can actually see in.”

    Tina smirks at Shane.

    “Looks like someone has had to cover their tracks before.”

    Shane smirks back slyly before heading out of the room to make her calls, leaving Tina to pack a bag and the safe while arranging a rental.

    “Do you want me to wait here while you go inside? What if she’s not here?”

    “That’s okay Shane, just head out to get the groceries so you can hurry back. Kit said Candace and Alice were at The Planet when you called, but we don’t know how long they’ll be there. I don’t want them to notice you riding back from out of town. Plus, I’m certain she’s here – there were fresh tire tracks when we drove up, and this driveway is marked private and a mile long not to mention the road the driveway is on is about 4 miles from the main road. So, the tracks could only be purposeful. The tracks lead all the way up to the garage too, which is probably where her car is. I’ll be fine.”

    “You’re right, even if she’s not here now, she probably was at some point and she may have left a clue as to where she was going.”

    Tina gets out and grabs the packed bag and safe. Shane rolls down the window to speak before pulling off.

    “I’ll be back in about an hour with the groceries. If you don’t text or call me, I’ll assume she’s here and just leave them on the porch.”

    “Thanks Shane. I’ll check in with you later tonight.”

    With that, Shane drives off and Tina approaches the door. Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out the key and lets herself inside. She sighs in relief as Bette’s scent fills her nostrils. She breathes in deep knowing her Beloved is close. Tina sets her bag and the safe down in the entryway before closing and locking the door behind her. She moves further into the cabin quietly noting the limited lighting due to all the curtains being drawn and the lights being off. She jumps, startled, when a high-pitched whistle sounds from the kitchen. Tina runs in and sees the tea kettle sitting on the burner – the whistle indicating it’s reached a boil. She smiles, taking the kettle as confirmation of Bette’s presence in the cabin. Her smile fades as she turns the burner off, removing the kettle from the heat.

    She begins looking around the kitchen and living room, confused as to why Bette did not come to the kitchen when the kettle sounded. She explores more of the house, silently, her instincts telling her not to yell out. She looks through the office, the den, the spare room, and the master. As she’s coming out of the en-suite – perplexed as to how she has still not found Bette – she hears whimpers coming from the bedroom closet.


    Tina calls, barely above a whisper. When she hears no reply, she moves closer to the closet.


    She calls a bit louder.

    “No, no, no, no, no… please… please don’t… don’t hurt me again…”

    Tears well in the blonde’s eyes as she hears the whispered plea. She slowly opens the door to the closet, her heart breaking as she watches Bette push herself as far back into the closet as possible, holding her legs to her chest, her face buried in her knees.

    “Please… no more… not again… please…”

    Tina crouches down.

    “Baby? Bette? It’s okay Baby; I’m here. You’re safe now; I’m going to keep you safe.”

    Tentatively, she reaches out and caresses Bette’s head. Bette continues to cry and makes no movement to exit the closet or acknowledge Tina. Tina crawls into the closet and sits on the floor with her own knees to her chest right next to her Love.

    “It’s going to be okay Baby. You just take all the time you need. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”

    Tina wraps her left arm firmly around Bette as she continues to whisper words of comfort and love. Minutes pass with no movement until Bette finally shifts. She releases her right arm from the tight hold she has on her own leg to hook it around Tina’s left leg and rest her head on her shoulder. They continue to sit in silence as Tina caresses the brown locks until a teary-eyed Bette moves her head to look into Tina’s eyes.

    “She found me Tina… what do I do? She found me…”

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    1. So glad you are back. Thank goodness Tina has found Bette and put a plan in place to protect her from Candace and Alice. Poor Bette. It is both heartbreaking and maddening what she is going through. Good for Bette to keep the evidence of the abuse but how terrible that she did and knew it was necessary. And clearly it was as Candace is back. But Tina has the safe and the contents and a plan. Candace needs to go to prison for a very long time. And Alice needs to take a hike out of their lives. Can only imagine how the typically placid Shane will react to Candace and Alice. That friendship is over. When the time comes, Tina will have to be physically restrained. Candace will want to get at Bette and hopefully Shane sticks with the plan and no one learns where Bette and Tina are. Please Shane! Candace will have Alice doing her dirty work so good that even Kit does not know. Bette is so traumatized. Tina is being so gentle. This may be more than Tina can handle. First things first – Bette needs to feel safe. Seems like this could take some time. I really hope that Bette does not have to see Candace ever again. It is just too much. But soon – very very soon – Candace needs to get what is coming to her and Alice needs to be told a few overdue home truths!! Difficult seeing Bette like that.

    2. What a trauma Bette has lived through and is living through. This is really much like the night Bette found Tina but now the roles are reversed. Tina is the caregiver and Bette is the traumatized victim. It would be a good idea to get Bette’s therapist on the line. If there ever was an emergency, this is it. Her therapist must keep her patient’s information confidential….so she is a safe person for Tina to get aid and assistance from.

      I hope Bette has not been in this state for days. Surely she was frightened by the vehicle coming up the drive and she in a panic hid in the closet. I believe Tina will be able to calm her in a few hours. At least calm enough to eat and sleep for a few hours knowing Tina is available to protect her. if Bette does not calm down, the Tina will need to get some professional help. Hopefully, the evidence is not too old to bring charges, and the police can be brought into the case. Tina may need to consult an attorney to be advised as to the best methods to handle the situation.

      People who abuse others do not change their behavior with the passage of time. I believe that Alice is probably going to experience some abuse in the very near future. That may be that evidence they need to put Candace away. It will also give Shane and Bette an opportunity to testify against Candace which will not be a pleasant experience.

      This is a true trauma for both Bette and Tina. Both have been through a lot in their short relationship. They did not need this. Alice has crapped in the wrong nest. She will need to consider moving to another city, because only friends and strangers will know of Alice’s betrayal of Bette. Kit will see to it.

      I am glad to see this story back. I was beginning to worry if we would see the continuation of this story. I hope you get the opportunity to write and publish more. We the Tibette fans are starving for anything Tibette…..

      Great chapter…. more please!!

      • Hi Martha, what a good post. So spot on. I was thinking about it and as angry and disgusted as I am with Alice, I hope she is forced to see the truth about Candace before she suffers any physical abuse. Just get her out or Bette’s life but not as yet another victim. No more violence. And I really hope Bette does not have to see Candace again any time in the future. I would hope that the dvd and photos are enough evidence of her crime. Somehow Bette was able to record the dvd which makes my heart hurt for her. I am not sure what is best for Bette but confronting Candace in court and making herself subject to cross examination by Candace’s attorney – while I know it might have to happen – it’s a lot. Yes there is something to be said for confronting Candace but also there in nothing that is going to make Bette feel safe until Candace is physically gone forever. Even prison will not do it. Somehow Candace needs to…just be ended. And Alice needs to be run out of town. Friendless.

        • I believe that it has been ten years since Bette escaped Candace. There is a statute of limitation on assault and abuse in most states. This abuse happened in New York, so those laws will apply. On the other hand, surely Candace has had more relationships since then which may have gone through similar treatment who well may be within the statute of limitations. If so, it may be possible to bring charges based on those incidents and leave Bette out of it. The statute of limitations on assault and battery is 1 year in New York and 2 years for domestic violence. However rape is from 5 to 20 years depending on the level or type. So…it depends on what the evidence shows as to if Bette’s case could be brought against Candace in New York.

          If Alice escapes harm, then I would recommend that Tina and Shane kidnap her for an afternoon and force her to look at every photo and the entire DVD and then ask her if Bette’s situation was all an act so that she could claim to be a victim. Tina should not be present for the viewing. Then Alice should be released to put her life back together. And this should be done before any trial for Candace. Alice needs to be in a state of mind not to give any aid and support to Candace.

          Since there is no evidence of the choking of Bette in her office, that incident will be of no value at a trial. It may not even be allowed into the record. The best bet in putting Candace away is prior acts which are within the statute and for which the victims are willing to testify and give evidence. Bette’s evidence is powerful and needs to be reviewed by law enforcement, but it is on crimes committed ten years ago.

          I do not want any physical violence either. I am afraid that if Tina were allowed to attack Candace that she would not stop until Candace were no longer alive. That would not be beneficial to either Bette or Tina. Best to turn all of this over to professionals – heal the wounds and prosecute the criminals.

          I just want Bette and Tina to come out of this trauma whole and intact and more attached to one another than before this happened. All of this hurts my heart…. no one deserves this….

    3. I am so happy they found Bette!

      I really want to slap Candance to the other side of the planet for all what she has inflicted on Bette. She needs to be punished for all the hurt and abuse.

      But first give Bette the support and safety she needs. This is so sad and i cry for her and Tina. They were making so much progress and then the drama and angst came back in speed, thanks to the so called friend Alice. I am so freaking mad at her!

      Thank god, they have Shane to help out.
      I hope with the evidence in the safe they can put Candace in jail for the rest of her life.

      Thanks for the chapter!

    4. Elizabeth, so very happy to see this post! I was worried about you when you didn’t update this story. It is heartbreaking to read of Tina and Shane finding the safe and all it holds. The secrets that were locked away should be enough to send Candace away for a long time. First, Tina must piece back Bette. Such as sad but engaging story.

      I hope all is well with you! Please post again soon.

    5. Gosh you’ve pressed a lot into 4 pages Liz.

      We were right that there would be a clue in the safe, but didn’t xpect the DVD 😩. So there was a camera in the apt eh?? On Bette’s laptop? Whatever the device, Bette must have installed it for future protection. Seems to me from an eariler chapter the “man” Candybutt accused Bette of sleeping with was the flourist delivering what Bette thought was a sweet gesture for a special dinner right?

      Anyway, wondered if after Shane calmed Tina down (a bit), Tina remembered to take the DVD out of the recorder. It is proof after all. Hopefully, while packing some stuff for Bette, Tina remembered to reassemble the hiding place for the safe so if Candice breaks into the place, she would have NO clues what-so-ever that Bette might have collected proof of the abuses she had perpetrate.

      Like that Tina & Shane formed the initial plan that would allow Tina to go to the cabin while at the same time covering both she & Shane’s movements until Bette can be brought back to a sound emotional state. Tina (Shane & Kit. I believe Bette will allow Tina to involve Kit to help protect her) will have to form the plan on how to expose Cbutt and AliButt!! 🤮🤮😡😡

      Wondering if AliButt will have to experience Cbutt’s treachery “first hand” to snap her out of the black cloud deception which she has willfully entered.

      Would be nice if Kit had video/audio in the Planet kinda like she & Helena had at the Hit club in TLW series (remember?) and able to somehow record a confession of Can bragging to someone else about how the infamous Bette Porter is really not so hot. Can is a tricky, mendatious, bitch, so it will be a race against time to turn the tables on her before she high tails it back to NY.

      Actually, wondering if Tina & Shane may have to spend some time in NY, collecting evidence and setting a trap there since that’s where the crimes were committed.

      I think they’ll also have to make sure there’s enough cash to bail Tina out of jail once the retrubution commences at Tina’s hands😳🤬🤬!!!!

      • Cbutt and Abutt! Perfect. Not going to do a lol because this is serious stuff. But still – good one. I also wondered about the dvd and the smashed tv and general mess that Tina had created. Assuming she grabbed the dvd when she took the safe and cleaned up enough. Agree that Candybutt will be breaking in fairly soon. She is a nut case and won’t give up.

        • Totally AGRRE that abuse is NO laughing matter. At the heart of an abuser, is one who HAS been abused. ☹️😩. It takes more than a little bit to break that cycle.

          I hope that Bette invites Tina to accompany her in therapy sessions on occasion so that they both are equipped to hand extremely tough cituations that arise.

          Tina’s reaction of going bizzerk when she saw Bette being abused catapulted her back to her own assault and being helpless to prevent the attack. Hopefully, she’ll have the courage as well to talk with her Therapist about the feelings that resurfaced.

    6. Elizabeth
      Holy Packed Chapter Batman! Goodness. But doing a happy dance that Tina found Bette, although the dance comes to a screeching halt once her condition is revealed. My heart. If anyone can heal Bette it is Tina but man this must be really hard for Tina to experience as well given her own history. Maybe Alice will come to her senses when she sees the pictures and video and no torture device is too harsh for the likes of Candace. I am looking up all sorts of medieval torture devices right now, brb.

      Thank you for this chapter. Please post soon, we all need to know Bette is doing better.

    7. I have been back and reread the whole story and am now desperate for more!

      I have read all the above comments and agree with so many!

      Thank you for this story and for sharing your writing and storytelling talent.

      Please, please post again as soon as possible!

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